WordPress Tip: Adding Author Bio Box Inside Posts

I have to thank The Lady Programmer for sending me this article about how to add an Author Bio box inside your wordpress single.php so that you can display the author’s profile and information inside every post.  The article on Line25.com is How to create an author info section in wordpress and shows detailed steps and provides the php code you can cut and paste to easily add an author box inside your wordpress articles.  The post is very well written and I used it to create my own author bio box now that I am opening DragonBlogger.com up to guest posters.

I went a step further and also found an article on Justin Tadlock’s site on How to Add Custom User Profile Field in WordPress this combined with the previous site gave me enough information to not only add an Author Bio box, but to add a twitter profile field so that you can add the user’s twitter profile and easily link back to it from inside the Author box.  I don’t know how to program PHP, but I am very good at figuring things out and manipulating what is there to make it work for me.  As a result I was easily able to tweak the code from the articles and show “# of Posts” next to authors name, and add a “Follow Author on Twitter” with a link to their twitter profile inside the bio box.

As a multi author blog it was essential to have an author bio box for my own site, what do you think of my Author Bio Box for my posts, does it contain enough information and look aesthetically pleasing?

-Dragon Blogger

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