AdSense Earnings hit New Milestone

I hit a new milestone with my AdSense earnings this month and have finally breached the $50 earnings in a single month with AdSense from my three blogs combined (most of it comes from  I had refocused my efforts several months ago and completely revamped my AdSense blocks, created new custom channels, switched locations of ad units…etc and the results have paid off significantly.  I had written a previous post about recommendations for improving AdSense earnings and using these tips I was able to triple my AdSense earnings consistantly for the past two months.

Now, my traffic overall only increased by about 10% so it isn’t enough to account for going from an average of $15 – $20 per month earnings to exceeding $45 last month and $50 this month in AdSense income.  Though I am still about 1/2 way from my target goal of reaching $100 per month in AdSense income, I am at least at the half way mark.  What I had realized is that I was receiving a fair amount of clicks (in excess of 50 per month) but my earnings per click were very low indeed.  To adjust this I leveraged using the Google AdWorks Keytool more to spread keywords that were popular into my blog posts to help improve the CPC ratio of the ads once they were clicked.

This tactic combined with using a 350×250 block on the bottom of my posts on this blog (and top on my other two blogs) has dramatically improved my earnings, I noticed an improvement within the first week that the number of clicks went up.  When I saw that I made in one week what I had made the previous month I knew I had stumbled on to something.

Certainly, this will increase as my site traffic increases and my AdSense earnings are only a portion of the blogging income I earn from various companies that pay you to blog.  In the meantime I will continue to tweak and tune and share what works for me with my readers in the hopes that you can improve your AdSense earnings (if you are not faring as well) or at least provide some ideas and insight if you are already doing very well with AdSense.

-Dragon Blogger

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