AdSense Tricks: 7 Ways To Increase Your AdSense Earnings

Google Adsense is one of the simplest yet most popular ways to earn money from a website. However because it is so simple to implement – just paste in a snippet of code and you’re off – many people end up missing out on money that could rightfully be theirs.

They simply paste in the code and immediately get on with something else assuming their site is now “monetized”. Unfortunately this just isn’t the case…

Whilst any Adsense advertising on your site is better than none there are also some neat little tricks that have have a very real (and significant) impact on your Adsense earnings if only you take a little bit of time to implement them on your very own sites.

Today then I’d like to reveal seven different Adsense tricks – all of which are well within the guidelines of Adsense – but which have all proven time and again to significantly increase Adsense income from the same number of visitors.

But before you read these tricks, I will recommend you to know every details about Google AdSense so that it will be much easier for you to implement these techniques. There are many resources available on Google itself or you can read some detailed guide like this.

1. Use High Converting Ad Blocks

Some ad blocks tend to get far higher click-through rates than others which means extra income for you. The two ad styles which tend to garner the greatest results are the large rectangle and the leader board ad.

Try using one or even both on your sites if you’re not already because these larger ad blocks tend to attract more visual attention and as a result lead to more clicks.

2. Image Ads Versus Text Ads

Historically marketers have been told that text ads convert far higher than image ads and so for maximum results Adsense publishers should avoid banner-style adverts and instead opt for those that contain merely text.

However extensive recent testing by many authorities suggest this may no longer be the case and that, in contrast to “collective wisdom” it is now generally more profitable to accept both kinds of ads on your site.

3. Split Test Color Variations

Each website (and each audience) is different so while we can assume certain general rules for what colors to use in your ads (match the background of your ads to the background of your site for example so they “blend in”) nothing replaces proper split testing.

It is entirely normal to find a certain color combination that gets double the number of clicks when compared to others so ensure you do your testing to find the best color combinations.

4. Target High-Paying Keywords

It’s a fact of life that certain keywords are worth far more than others. If you’re just building a website for love and want to cover your hosting fees then by all mean write about whatever you like.

However if you’re serious about turning Adsense into a proper source of income for you then it’s wise to do your research properly and target those keywords that are likely to offer the highest CPC rates to you.

5. Place Adverts Obviously

Ad placement is always a difficult subject; you want to place adverts obviously-enough that they get seen by your visitors and clicked yet you don’t want your site to look tacky by pasting them all over in a very desperate, in-your-face, “please click me” fashion.

Once again a degree of testing is wisest though generally speaking adverts towards the top of the page are likely to receive far more clicks than those further down the page.

In light of this placing one for the highest-converting ad blocks at the top of your article (above or below your article title) can often work very well without looking too tacky.

6. Use Click Tracking

When someone arrives at your website for the very first time certain sections will stand out to them far more than others. These sections are far more likely to get read and/or clicked while other sections may be “brushed over” and barely noticed.

It is these “priority” areas – that draw the eye (and the mouse) that are ripe for placing our AdSense ads in, seeing as adverts in these areas will get the most visibility.

Use one of the various heatmap plugins for WordPress or services like ClickTale to see where the “hotspots” on your own site are.

7. Build Your Authority

As your traffic and earnings go up there is a decent chance sooner or later that your account will go through a “manual review”.

Trashy, poor quality sites with few incoming links which have been built specifically to earn money from Adsense (“made for Adsense” or MFA sites) are often “downgraded” where either they lose their search engine rankings or find their earnings per-click drop to pennies making their business drop like a lead balloon.

However having Adsense on a high-quality sites with plenty of quality backlinks and quality content will help to keep Google happy and ensure your Adsense account is kept safe (and profitable).

Lastly if you’re looking for more Adsense tricks to take you from barely covering your web hosting account to taking you up to a full-time income then take your blog to the next level.


Tom Parillo

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