Alexa Restores Blog Reviews

The Alexa team acknowledged they had a glitch in the system which caused some sites to lose “legitimate” reviews for their websites and have now restored the lost reviews. I quickly confirmed on my own blog last night that my reviews are back up to high twenties for

I have 27 five star reviews and 1 one star review, my one star review was for someone who complained about my blog page load times, they were a very legitimate concern at the time and I have since improved my page load times by 90% by trimming my scripts and external JS calls and improving on caching mechanisms. I don’t know if 1 star reviews hurt your Alexa rank at all or what impact they have on your overall site, but hopefully the number of five star reviews greatly outweighs the one star review I have received.

Has anyone noticed their reviews are restored? Anyone still missing reviews after Alexa fixed the issue?

-Dragon Blogger

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