Amateur Film Makers Can Monetize their Short Films

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post, commissioned by I was compensated to learn about the service and share my thoughts and opinions. The words and opinions are mine and mine alone.

I have always had an interest in the film making industry and keep tabs on things related to movies and entertainment. This is why is also an entertainment and movie review site in addition to a Technology and Blogging portal. I was intrigued by a site called mDistribute which lets amateur film makers license their films to be distributed on mobile content.

This program appears to bring film makers and web content providers together by allowing film makers to list their films and set a license price for distribution. Buyers purchase the license to the film and are able to distribute across any mobile medium. They list the top selling amateur film right now called “The 73 Virgins” which has earned over $19k (not bad for an amateur film earnings by any means).

So if you are a content provider whether you do live film, animation or other video and you might be interested in seeing if you can license and make money for distribution, check out mDistribute, it may be a way for you to bring in some revenue for your art.

-Dragon Blogger

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