Final Thoughts and Conclusion


This day and age, everyone makes a case and most look like they are plastic scraps made to look like a transformer, cheap knock-offs off of knock-offs.  Curves can be sexy if they are placed correctly and even a simple straight box can be sexy.  Anidees in this case I believe wanted a plain simple box that shows off the curves you put into it, not curves someone you don’t even know puts into it.

Sexy aside, there are Pros to this case and there are Cons.


  • Amazingly affordable for what it is
  • Cable Management
  • Easy access to PCI-E retention card screws
  • No optical bay, smooth front
  • Glass front and sides
  • Includes 4 LED Lit 140MM fans, you can add more.
  • Up to 6 hidden Drives (3 x 2.5, 3 x 3.5/2.5)


  • Potentially difficult motherboard placement, if your ATX/E-ATX board has 90 degree headers on the bottom of the board
  • Power Supply Cover is not removable

While I did run into some potentially big issues with my motherboard, if you want it to work you can, and I show you how.  The power supply cover is not removable, and this would have been a half a star off, but with a little elbow grease, it is removable, but you have to work for it.  I wanted to give this case 4 stars, but both of the cons are resolvable if you have the tools to do so, I give you the knowhow.  The price however does bring this up a notch, but not to 5 stars, but to 4.5 Stars and receives our “Editors Choice” award.


The time you spend on this build should be longer than most since you can see in through both sides, you want it to be slick and sexy, heck throw in some more lights in it, it’s meant to be shown off.  Anidees says they listen and I have communicated all of the issues I had to them and they should all be addressable, perhaps a AI Crystal V2 is called for, but don’t quote me on that, I just made it up.

Great job Anidees, inspire more with cases like these, and let the knock-offs step up their game when trying to compete.

Disclaimer:  Anidees provided with the AI Crystal Full Tower ATX Case  so I could do a showcase and share thoughts on the product.  All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.  For more information visit



Iggy Castillo
I have spent many years in the PC boutique name space as Product Development Engineer for Alienware and later Dell through Alienware's acquisition and finally Velocity Micro. During these years I spent my time developing new configurations, products and technologies with companies such as AMD, Asus, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA and more. The Arts, Gaming, New & Old technologies drive my interests and passion. Now as my day job, I am an IT Manager but doing reviews on my time and my dime.
Iggy Castillo