Apple iPhone or iPad Now Supports Flash?

In news all over the Internet over the past few days about Apple loosening its restrictions for iPhone applications and allowing itself to finally open up for potential Google and Adobe based applications it shows that Apple is finally concerned about losing market share to Android OS based phones which some are considering the best smartphones.

The latest chart in the IDC Mobile Phone tracker showed 26.8% of the mobile phone market using Android OS based phones with 20.2% using Apple iOS and 37.8% still using Blackberry smart phones.

Due to the open source and free range variety of Android OS phones, plus the fact that so many different manufacturers can leverage the Android OS it is no surprise that this will be the dominant mobile phone OS in the near future, and will likely surpass Blackberry within 2 years.

Apple finally addressed a key critical item in that they now allow developers to write programs for Flash and will do some sort of translation to make them compatible on the iPhone and iPad.  I am not sure exactly how this will translate to flash enabled websites and how the translation will affect their functionality, performance and such.

All phone makers are bracing for Microsoft to make another strong attempt to enter the mobile smart phone market and Nokia with its new N8 based on Symbian trying to increase its puny 2.8% of the smart phone market.

I have a Blackberry Curve and my wife uses the Droid-2 after converting from the Blackberry Storm which she despised due to its horribly slow operating system, reboot times (the 1st generation storm, I don’t have experience with the 2nd generation one).  My wife still finds the Droid to be cumbersome for her internet activities, though I really like that it has a full slide keyboard.  As a touch typist who needs “tactile” keys I don’t think I would ever prefer a touch style screen, because I need to “feel” the keys and if I can feel the layout under my fingertips.

I am curious to what my readers favorite smart phones are, and what are some of your favorite productivity applications for smart phones? How often do you use your smart phone for web related activities?

Share your thoughts.

-Dragon Blogger

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