Arctic Liquid Freezer 240 Review

Comparing Liquid Cooling Positioning Performance


Let’s start off with idle temps.


Interesting, so it seems that from the top or the front, there was no difference even though when this unit is on the top, there is an additional fan on the front of the case (the fan that was there before I installed the Arctic Freezer 240) blowing cool air over the board and components.  This of course is not a real test as it is only representing idle temps and how hot the CPU got during windows login, but it is a point to reference.

So now let’s take a look at the difference between the 2 in Cinebench.


Before referencing the temperature, please note that with the liquid cooling unit on the top, it actually performed lower by 3 points on the Cinebench test.  Now let’s move on to the temps.


Well, I though the front it looks like even the temps were higher on the top oddly enough.  I thought, I am sure as well as you did that they would be cooler on the top.  Since Cinebench is a short test the temps might be OK, though still odd on the drop in performance, while not much it is still there.  Let’s check out a much longer test stressing on AIDA64.


This makes a lot more sense, while there is not a lot of difference, the top mounted Arctic Freezer 240 cooled 4°C a 5.26% improvement, any improvement is a great improvement.

So, what does this all mean?

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