Arctic Liquid Freezer 240 Review

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Arctic has been cooling CPU’s for years, though mostly only through air cooling though this is their first Liquid cooling venture.  From all the testing I have done and the time I have had this unit, I have had nothing but amazing performance and little to no noise from it, even when stressing this unit is close to quiet.  The first time I turned on the PC with this liquid cooling unit installed, I did a double take thinking maybe I installed it incorrectly, but no, it was on and the lights were blinking.  They did a great job not to mention, this unit is incredibly affordable.

The only complaint I do have and it could potentially be a big one is that while it is not a water cooling unit, it is a liquid cooling unit the liquid in it does not any form of anti-freeze so if it does hit below 0°C or 32°F it will freeze.  Since this is kept inside of a house, obviously with power since you are using the unit, there is a very little chance that this will ever come close to those temperature, but I did want to make that known.  If you live in an area where it does get this cold or colder, when you receive the unit, make sure you keep it in outside of the system for a day or two for the fluid to get to room temperature to turn back into liquid form.  The liquid does contain a little bit of detergent to act as an anti-algae/anti-bacterial agent to protect from those growing in the unit or tubes which can of course end up blocking the unit from functioning perfectly, so they have you covered there.


  • Amazingly quiet at only .3 sone (Fans) unit itself is whisper quiet
  • Very good cooling performance
  • Includes 4 fans
  • Intelligent and forward thinking 4-Pin Socket connections
    • Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearings for longer lifespan for fans
  • Cools up to 350Watts TDP
  • Has a wide range of Intel and AMD socket compatibility
  • Great price
  • Includes MX-4 Thermal Paste



While there is one con, it’s not a huge one, just annoys me a little since they do make MX-4 but everyone wants to make a buck, I understand.  Due to all this, I am forced to give Arctic and their Liquid Freezer 240 a 5 out of 5 Editors Choice, 100% recommended buy for those of you getting into liquid cooling and like closed loop systems.  If you prefer custom liquid cooling, this is not for you.

Iggy Castillo
I have spent many years in the PC boutique name space as Product Development Engineer for Alienware and later Dell through Alienware's acquisition and finally Velocity Micro. During these years I spent my time developing new configurations, products and technologies with companies such as AMD, Asus, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA and more. The Arts, Gaming, New & Old technologies drive my interests and passion. Now as my day job, I am an IT Manager but doing reviews on my time and my dime.
Iggy Castillo
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