Are You A Trusted Blogger?

Have you ever visited a blog and read information and took away something new only to find that information was misreported or inaccurate?

When blogging many people don’t realize that you are establishing a trust with your readers. If you report news, technology, travel or anything your readers expect that your information will be accurate and insightful. Even if you are a joke, prank or entertainment blog your readers trust you will be funny or entertaining and if you don’t deliver you could lose what could have been a subscriber or repeat visitor.

Trust is something earned and you can’t immediately have it or expect it. You have to consistently write meaningful and helpful or amusing articles that enable you to develop a persona and a recognizable style of writing. Casual bloggers who feed personal diaries also establish a trust in their readers, their readers expect opinions, point of views and to know what happens in the bloggers life.

So no matter what type of blog you run and on what platform thing about reader trust.

  • Why should your reader trust you?
  • Why should they continue to come back?

When reporting information give credible source references so the reader can validate what you are saying if they question it. If you are giving an opinion instead of a fact, declare it as such.

These are just some tips to remind bloggers to keep their readers in mind and write to earn their trust.

This is one bloggers opinion anyway. What do you think my friends? Do you blog hoping to earn your readers trust?

-Dragon Blogger

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