Tech Startup: Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals On Servers, Monitors, Computers and More

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How To Save Your Phone’s Battery Life When Playing Pokemon Go

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How To Download, Install, And Manage Apps On Your Apple Watch

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How Fix The iTunes Cannot Detect iPhone Problem

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How to Fix the ‘Your Android Phone Has Stopped’ Error

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How To Create Powerful Black And White Photos In Adobe Lightroom

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How to Develop an Artificial Intelligence Software Program for your Specific Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an opportunity for businesses to leverage information from consumer groups to improve products, the brand in general and service. Creating company-specific intelligence programs helps return specific, brand-centric information regarding consumer perception, consumer satisfaction, product satisfaction/popularity and other essential pieces of data. It is important to create a systematic process, while testing each step of the process, to ensure that the proper data is collected. Whom is the Product/Service For? Your brand … Read more

How To Remove Dust and Scratches In Adobe Lightroom

Dust and scratches are a reality of older images. You may also be using a camera that isn’t in good shape. The point is that you need to clean it up. First impressions are everything, and people make them in 50 milliseconds. Don’t diminish the visual power of your images because you left visible marks in there. The right image can make you stand out. So how do you go about removing dust and scratches … Read more

How To Create A Dramatic Sky In Adobe Lightroom

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How To Achieve A Quick Clean Edit In Adobe Lightroom

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How To Fix Red Eye In Adobe Lightroom

Most modern cameras are capable of dealing with red eye automatically. But sometimes certain images are in the wrong light and you find yourself in a situation where a nasty red eye has appeared. It can completely take you out of an image and leave you with an unsightly focal point. If you are one of the 185,000 professional photographers in the US, you know that red eye is a constant worry. Through using Adobe … Read more

How To Use The Graduated Filter Tool In Adobe Lightroom

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How To Organize Your Lightroom Photos Using Smart Collections

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How To Create Your Own Photoshop Brushes

Look at the most attention-grabbing Tweets when it comes to Photoshop tutorials and you will see that people are always talking about how to make their own brushes. There are seven million likes on Facebook and that demonstrates that this one of the best platforms for making your own brushes. You may think that you need to be an expert in order to create your own set of Photoshop brushes, but this really isn’t the … Read more

How To Downgrade Your Device From iOS 9.3

It isn’t often that the whole Apple community unanimously agrees that it’s time to downgrade from a recent upgrade. This is one of those times where downgrading from iOS 9.3 is one of the best decisions you can make. Distribution rates hit 70%, but adoption has slowed. The reason for this is that the latest Apple update has brought serious performance issues along with it. The biggest issue is slow performance, where your Apple device … Read more

How To Install And Load New Brushes In Photoshop

Photoshop allows for practically unlimited customization. You can install almost anything and make Photoshop a piece of personalized software designed for anything. This is why it boasts over 10 million users. Brushes are in abundance all over the Internet. You can create entire pictures just from using a series of brushes. And this can make your startup stand out. With the Photoshop niche booming, a lot of newer Photoshop users find themselves wondering about how … Read more

How to Set Up Your Kindle Fire HD for The First Time

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How to Jailbreak iOS 9.0.2 Using Pangu 9

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How To Use Recovery Mode And Safe Mode On The iPhone 6

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How to Add the Lomo Effect to Your Photos in Adobe Lightroom

The Lomography effect for photos is a popular effect that people like to put on their images. When some people can be distracted in as little as three seconds, editing your images well can ensure that people spend more time on them. It’s a relatively easy effect to replicate in Adobe Lightroom. These fun, vintage-style effects are particularly compatible with these programs. What makes this effect stand out is the vintage look, as if the … Read more