How to Get More Email Subscribers for Your WordPress Blog

Most of your site traffic is comprised of hit and run visitors. That’s OK for your overall traffic, but if you’re looking for conversion and increase in sales, hit and run visits are not going to help you. The only way you can grow your sales and get more targeted visitors to your site is by collecting subscribers. This is a proven to work strategy, as it ensures that all your subscribers are interested in … Read more

Google Analytics WD Review : The Best WordPress Google Analytics Plugin

As the most widely used web analytics and measurement tool, Google Analytics provides accurate and valid statistical reports for your website audience and performance. It’s probably the most famous service offered by Google , which is FREE for everyone and is easy to use and setup. WordPress Google Analytics WD plugin brings all of your Google Analytics reports right to your website and allows you to access them anytime from your website dashboard. It’s the … Read more

Facebook Feed WD: The Bridge Between Facebook and Your WordPress Website

Want to make your WordPress blog more social and display various Facebook feeds on it ? Well, no problem ! Facebook Feed WD plugin can be your best partner and help you bring profile/public group/page feeds to your blog or website in a matter of a few clicks. You need custom adjustments and styling for the displayed feeds and content ?You got it! The plugin actually gives you full control over the content type, length, … Read more

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Photo Gallery – The Most Versatile WordPress Gallery Plugin

WordPress Photo Gallery is an advanced and powerful WordPress gallery plugin enabling you to add, edit, and organize images in different views. It’s feature-rich, with lots of image display  and customization options. Core Features Responsive SEO-friendly User-friendly Fully customizable Photo Gallery plugin is responsive, which ensures that all of your image collections and galleries will be perfectly displayed on all-sized screens.It’s a perfect choice for the photography websites, but will also be a great addition … Read more

New WordPress Gallery Theme You Should Know About

Images and other visuals are still a great way to keep up with the prevailing  tendencies in web design. With this in mind I decided to write a short review about WordPress Portfolio Gallery theme. It is a new and advanced WordPress theme, which enables you to display images and create portfolios on your website in an attractive way. The theme is a perfect match for photography websites, traveling and food blogs, which provide a … Read more

Bring Instagram Feeds to Your Website with Instagram Feed WD

Instagram was launched as an iOS-only app back in 2010 and now it is among the leading social networks in the world. It beated Twitter in 2015 with over 400 million daily active users and more than 40 million shared photos every day and became the largest photo sharing platform worldwide. Instagram has become a truly global community having as members people from all around the world sharing the passion for photo blogging. As Instagram … Read more