Super Smash Bros. and Legend of Zelda – The Triumph Of the Wii U Upon Us?

E3, the Electronics Expo, showcased several up coming games for the 8th generation of consoles (Play Station 4, Xbox ONE, Wii U) and the PC. During the different presentations of the different companies, there were quite a few exclusives revealed for each console. If we focus only on the Wii U for a second, we’d quickly realize that two of the most awaited games that were announced and showcased were: The Legend of Zelda Super … Read more

Will The Oculus Be a Success? Verbal Test In Different Genres

We’ve been hearing about it for a long time now. We’ve seen it in action. We’ve been waiting for it to reach its final stage, and we’ve been waiting to try it ourselves. The Oculus Rift breathed new fresh life into the world of Virtual Reality. Many are calling it the ‘next big innovation’. Obviously, The Oculus Rift isn’t the first of its kind, (there were a few others before it, and major fails mostly). … Read more