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Hi, I’m Ramesh, the Content Outreach Lead with OffGamers. I foster partnerships with gaming sites and developers around the world to collaborate and come up with great content for the gaming community. I also write stuff, and I stalk Steam every day.

Set the Mood With Awesome Soundtracks From Games

We all know that games are designed to be immersive. From clicking your keys on your keyboard to the corresponding sounds and effects, everything is designed to transport our mind into an immersive experience. Everything is designed with a purpose. And what better way to ensure continuous immersive levels than composing amazing soundtracks for a [...]

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Indie Horror Games to Look Out For this Coming Halloween Steam Sale

Halloween is the best time to indulge yourself in a good horror game or two. While Steam is filled to the brim with horror games, you can’t expect each one to give you a good scare. It’s not always easy to find titles that are worth the splurge. For me, jump scares simply don’t cut [...]

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