Alien & Predator: The Good and The Bad

The Alien franchise has been the cause of many a sleepless night since the first Alien film released back in 1979. In the four decades since, Alien — and its spin-off franchise, Predator — has become one of the most recognizable names in sci-fi horror, its influence extending outside of film into other realms of media. It should come as no surprise then that a brand as big as Alien would spawn video games. In … Read more

7 Terrifying Creatures That Aren’t in Horror Games but Still Gives You Nightmares

What’s better than a good monster? Here’s a list of 7 of the scariest villains in gaming!   Who doesn’t love a good monster? Series like Silent Hill and Resident Evil have been delivering horrors at us for years, and newer series like Amnesia and Dead Space have capitalized and profited on that design. The noises they make, the hatchets they wield, and their seemingly infinite sprint meters are what make us shake. Put something … Read more

PUBG Mobile Guide: How to Grab a Chicken Dinner Every Time

PUBG Mobile looks just about like any other shooter. Except, well, it’s not. In fact, treating the more portable version of the progenitor of the battle royale genre, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, like any other shooter is the biggest mistake any gamer can make. The argument exists that it is this line of thinking that’s responsible for plenty of players to perform a lot worse than they do in PUBG Mobile compared to other shooters.  So, if … Read more

PlayStation 5: 8 Launch Titles We Want to Play

The PlayStation 5 could hit shelves by early November is estimated are to be believed.  Excited for the PS5 release date? The likely price and a list of potential launch titles for the PlayStation 5 could be revealed as soon as the beginning of Q2. On the recently launched PS5 website, Sony assured that “the upcoming slate of PS5 launch games” will be revealed soon. So, what will the PlayStation 5 have to offer at … Read more

6 Side Quests So Good We Forgot the Main Game

Huh? What main mission?   Side missions are meant to be fun. Some journeys need embarking on, or some evil dictator needs toppling, but you can’t muster up the excitement to slog through the grand ordeal. Nobody likes to labour through fetch quests, escort missions, and the super obvious I-am-going-to-betray-you-later quests.  On the other hand, helping this an NPC you met on the side of the road find his lost horse sounds way more interesting. … Read more

The 10 Best PlayStation 4 Games to Play Right Now!

On this list, you’ll find the best PlayStation 4 games we’re playing right now—recent single player hits, controller-breaking picks, and a few modern classics that would improve any gamers library. It’s an ever-expanding list that reaches deep into the past, shooting for a practical answer to the question: ‘What new PlayStation game should I get right now?’  Only on PlayStation.  Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End We’re starting with the oldies.   Gripping, exciting, emotional – Nathan Drake’s last outing … Read more

Experience the Disco Elysium Vibe in These Awesome Games 

Disco Elysium’s a hardboiled crime thriller that features one of the most advanced and intricate dialogue systems we’ve ever seen. Every tiny thing you do affects every other tiny thing, and it’s both brilliant and mind-boggling. But most of all, it’s addictive. It’s inhabited by a cast of ne’er-do-wells that are refreshingly well-written in a universe that’s alive and breathing and living in.    We’ve been feeling empty since completing it. So, in our quest to … Read more

The 6 BEST Moments from The Last of Us Part 1

Get the tissues out.    Sony has confirmed a February 21, 2020 release date for the “The Last of Us Part II,” the highly anticipated follow-up to one of the most celebrated PlayStation games of all-time. Released in 2013, no one was ready for the outbreak of emotion that The Last of Us caused. Naughty Dog’s take on the horror and action genre took storytelling in the gaming world to a new high, and with … Read more

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Review

Survival games have always been, in my opinion, the medium that bridges the exciting and new environment that the game will bring, with the cruel reality of survival that mimics real conditions out here in the real world. Games like This War of Mine that mimics survival during war times or Frostpunk, steampunk RTS that pits society against the cold. But if you were to tell me that I’ll be playing a game where I … Read more

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review

It’s not unusual for iconic video game franchises to want to change directions and try something new. The only problem is, this doesn’t always work.  Whether it’s because the changes catered too much to capture a different audience segment and alienated the hardcore fans, or because there were simply just too many changes that it made the game less appealing to pretty much everyone, there exists a long list of video game franchises that took … Read more

Sinking City vs Call of Cthulhu – Who Pulled Off The Better Lovecraft Experience

  “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” Horror writer H.P Lovecraft was never quite the famous author during his lifetime (1890 to 1937). Instead, it was only many decades after his death that his works, which so-often revolved around the supernatural and the unknown, became somewhat of an archetype of multiple forms of media, from video games to novels, … Read more

Games with Bad Reception: Are They Still Bad?

Not every game hit it out of the ballpark the first time around. Some games stumble for months – even years – before finding their footing. The opportunities for valuable dialog afforded by social media means developers can quickly learn the weaknesses of their game, what works and doesn’t work, and take meaningful steps toward fixing their product.  This means the expected development time of a game extends far beyond the release date. A bad … Read more

God of War: How a Stale Franchise Evolved into a Timeless Masterpiece

Happy Birthday! 2018 was one successful year for Sony, and hightailing it at the center of this great success was God of War, the game that recently became a year old. When Santa Monica Studios announced that they were releasing a new God of War game over a year back (time flies doesn’t it?), we were all thrilled since we saw that the whole concept of the game was to be changed. We would no … Read more

Best Stealth Game Franchises

Stealth games are an interesting “what if” genre, giving us a peek to a world of clandestine operations. From super assassins to masked vigilantes, stealth games offer a different experience from the rest of the genres. Usually awarding players for using stealth strategies instead of charging head-on, stealth games provide a very different experience in which players use real-time strategy to plan their way into a certain level, outsmarting A.I and defeating the level. Most … Read more

Set the Mood With Awesome Soundtracks From Games

We all know that games are designed to be immersive. From clicking your keys on your keyboard to the corresponding sounds and effects, everything is designed to transport our mind into an immersive experience. Everything is designed with a purpose. And what better way to ensure continuous immersive levels than composing amazing soundtracks for a game? Games usually come with soundtracks with different themes that helps set the level or a particular scene in the … Read more

Best Video Games Releases of 2018

We’ve reached the end of the year folks. And with that, the gaming industry has unleashed the best it had to the world. Well, not all were great (cough…cough…Fallout 76). So it’s only right to make up a list of big games that gamers have the pleasure of experiencing. There’s a mix of games here, based on personal preference as well as how big was the general reaction. So expect a couple of game of … Read more

Stupidest Ways of Dying in Red Dead Redemption 2… So Far

Video game technology may have come a long way since 2010 when the first Red Dead Redemption was released to the world, but one thing has always rung true: give gamers a digital sandbox and they’ll find a million and one ways to die. So, dust off your saddles and strap on your spurs because we’re going back to the Wild Wild West with this list of the stupidest, most ridiculous ways Red Dead Redemption … Read more

Indie Horror Games to Look Out For this Coming Halloween Steam Sale

Halloween is the best time to indulge yourself in a good horror game or two. While Steam is filled to the brim with horror games, you can’t expect each one to give you a good scare. It’s not always easy to find titles that are worth the splurge. For me, jump scares simply don’t cut it anymore. There are so many ways to conceptualize horror that the possibilities are endless. Here are a few games … Read more


  City building games in the RTS genre has seen a renaissance in recent years, with many more titles lined up for release in 2019. City building has generally taken the same vibe over the years. You build a civilization from the ground up, you collect resources, you move your way up the tech tree and you wage war with your neighbors, to win the game. Some city builder games choose a much peaceful route … Read more