Why You Should Develop Your Next Isometric Game in C++

In terms of video games, the term ‘Isometric’ is used as an umbrella term to represent games that are generally viewed from an angle, either straight above or in a tilted view to provide a 3D looking view to the viewers in a 2D game. This is quite popular among game developers as they can showcase 3D and projection looking models in 2D development. To put it elementally, Isometric graphics are also understood as parallel … Read more

How to Design Your Own Android games

Image source In 2016, Android users spent over 900 Billion hours browsing through Android applications on their devices. With over 3 million applications and 100,000 application publishers, there is no shortage of applications for the users. In 2016, 90% of Google’s app revenues came from games, making it the X-factor for Google Play Store. Developing countries such as India, Brazil have shown huge download numbers, whereas developed nations such as Japan, United States, and Germany … Read more