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Instagram is big and constantly growing, this happens to be one of the social media channels that brands are looking at more and even asking me to establish more of a presence on Instagram because of the audience factor.  The audience for Instagram is younger and more likely to generate viral buzz, rich media like images generally do better and the fact that Instagram connects to your other social media platforms make it a central hub for sharing media to your networks.

The one limitation by design of Instagram which is completely on purpose is that you really can’t post to Instagram except from a mobile device, Instagram has no Windows application and no web based application to let you post photos, they only have mobile apps.  This means if you are someone who spends 8 hours a day working from a PC desktop or you want to truly manage your Instagram account as you would your other social media accounts from a centralized location you really have very few options.

This is where AutoGrammer comes in, AutoGrammer lets you schedule instagram posts so that you can plan your Instagram shares in advance, and automate it to save you some time.  You can also manage multiple Instagram accounts from the same AutoGrammer account.  They have a 7 day free trial to sign up for and see if it is something that fits your needs too.

After signing up, you connect your first (or only) Instagram account.

After you add your Instagram account, you will be taken to the image upload page and given information on what types of images to upload (640px preferred and 5MB or less in size).  But you can go right back to Manage IG Accounts and add additional accounts if you want.

When you upload an image you are given a cropping tool to help make sure your image fits perfectly in the Instagram application.

You also have access to a ton of effects you can apply to your image.

You also get to add your text, set a schedule and select timezone but the timezone itself is a bit confusing as they don’t show you the time offset like -0700GMT  and you have to know and find the city with the timezone you are looking for.

Then just schedule your image to publish at the desired date and time.

You do get a notice after your first uploaded image about 1st image publishing typically failing and you have to verify your Instagram account again, the notice reads like this:

It is normal for your first upload to fail due to Instagrams security feature. If this happens, login to your IG account and verify your account – typically this involves entering a verification code in the Instagram app which you can choose to have sent to you via SMS or email.

After your account is verified, make sure your password is updated in Autogrammer and click ‘Post Again’. If you follow these simple instructions all subsequent posts will be Successful

For the specific failure reason hover over the ‘Failed’ status for the respective post below.

With my test though it worked successfully the 1st time and I had no issue

AutoGrammer even supports Hashtag functionality in Instagram where Hashtags stay intact and work, at least they did during my testing.

When you bulk upload images, it will bulk upload them to AutoGrammer but then you have to still individually crop/tune and schedule each image individually but this still saves a bunch of time and this is an ideal way to manage an Instagram account if you don’t find yourself using a mobile device often yet you need to manage an Instagram account.

Now Instagram doesn’t allow API to upload images, so Autogrammer gets around this by uploading images so on their backend where they claim to have a pool of real physical devices
running the official Instagram app – which are used to upload your posts so everything uploads legitimately from legitimate apps not from attempted API.

Autogrammer is not a free service and it does cost $19 per account per month for 1-5 accounts which means this service is definitely targeted toward mid to larger sized blogs and media outlets that intend to use Instagram very frequently and justify the $19 per month cost for a single account.  This is probably a great deal for a new company that needs to showcase products often and engage on a media level while giving multiple people access to the same Autogrammer account and posting to the same Instagram account, all being able to use images from their desktop PC.

So give Autogrammer a try and schedule instagram posts to save you time and allow you to automate your Instagram media channel!

As well as using tools for scheduling posts, many people are now using an Instagram bot in conjunction with them. Fred Harrington has written about bots in great detail.


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