Bad Neighborhood: Know Who Your Site is Linking To

With Bad Neighborhood’s Text Link Checker Tool you can get a fairly accurate measurement of what sites you are linking to and if any of those sites have warnings about their content and if linking to them can potentially hurt your Google PageRank.


About once per month I run a scan of to make sure nothing I link to would be flagged as SPAM or potentially be negative to my blog. Though my scanner reported 1 questionable link, when I found the link it was only a blog post about HDTV monitors that had the word “SEXY HDTV” in it and flagged it as a potential questionable site, so you have to weed through the results and realize that some of them might be misleading but others can be worth investigating.

In a bloggers world you can always use an extra free online tool to analyze your blog and help you improve or collect information on your SEO, Bad Neighboorhood’s Link Checker Tool is just another free tool to put in your arsenal and run periodically. Unless you are constantly adding links, paid links and growing your blog roll, you should only need to run the tool once every month or so.

-Dragon Blogger

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