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This contact page is for freelance writers or editors who want to join the Dragon Blogger team because you have a passion for all things technology, gadget, gaming, geek or movie/TV Shows.  We accept written articles about Android, Mac, Windows, PlayStation, Microsoft, Video Games, Movie Reviews, TV Show reviews and recaps, and so many other gadget/technology and geek related items.  Our focus is to inform, engage and entertain our audience while also providing feedback, opinions, informed honest product and game reviews as well as entertain our fans and readers.

At this current stage I am bringing on new freelance writers/editors on a review basis, but I want to be 100% honest in saying this is for someone who wants to have a hobby and earn a little bit and/or get some free stuff while doing some writing/recording.  This site has very little income to pay people a true writer/editor staff like a magazine so I work out compensation with freelance writers on a case by case scenario.  This may include getting free gadgets/software/games to keep as compensation for doing a review, a percentage of affiliate income for products sold on your reviews/articles, and other potential per article freelance compensation.

We typically process payments through Paypal or Skrill if there is a payment and in cases where we negotiate sponsored content we split most of the revenue generated with the author who does the review/work for that sponsored content.

If you are interested and can commit to at least 1 article per week, sign up below and fill out the entire form.  Please make sure your area of interest as far as compensation and if you have an expectation of a per article rate, then set your expectation below assuming a 400-500 word article with a few images in your submission.

This is not the form for signing up as a guest poster, if you want to sign up as a guest blogger and just submit content that will be hosted here, go to the Guest Blog Sign Up page and read it thoroughly.

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