Become Inspired by Other Bloggers Success

To be a blogger and a really successful blogger you should not be discouraged if your blogs are barely scraping by making little to no income while other bloggers are reaping in several hundred or thousands of dollars per month. Instead this should inspire you to know that earning some decent figures are possible if you learn the tactics and methods used by others and put your own spin and twist on them. A good variation of how bloggers earn online can be found on Greg Ellison’s Blog Income Recap which will show you bloggers who make $50 – $200 per month and other bloggers who top $1000 in one month earnings, with one blogger earning over $4000 mostly online affiliate sales.

There is money to be made in starting up your own online business and the fact that you can be your own entrepreneur and carve a profit niche for yourself with so little capital compared to starting ANY Brick and Mortar business there is no reason to not put a business plan together and turn your idea’s into something that can potentially gain you a second or third income if not a primary if you reach true success.

I know bloggers can get discouraged seeing others making huge profit margins per month and I am here to tell you not to be discouraged, learn from the ones who succeed and emulate their methods and put them to good use in your own blogs and websites. You can learn a lot by scouring a successful bloggers site, if you find a blogger who has great affiliate income look to see what types of products he is selling, how they fit the niche of the blog and where and how they choose to place the affiliate banners and ads.

For direct sales or AdSense earnings pay attention to where the ads are located, how easily it is for an advertiser to purchase an ad, or where the AdSense blocks are on the page. If you find your page isn’t in similar styles or situations then try to emulate placement, color matching the AdSense to your own blog better (if you don’t already).

Don’t be shy about asking other bloggers to elaborate on their success, many will be happy to share and for the ones who act like they are carefully guarding a secret, know that you can Google or do a blogsearch to find just about any information you need on the subject. You can also learn a lot just from looking at someones SiteMap.xml (most blogs have one, just type and see the full post listing of a website, this will show you patterns in titles, topics and more.

Do a Google Search for that site, see how many search results come up. View Page Source on some posts, see what meta keywords and descriptions are used for posts.

Doing a little investigation work on your part can help you become a more successful blogger or online entrepreneur.

I wish all my fellow bloggers success, as a person who struggles to reach my own blogging goals yet knowing that I earn more from my blogs than many others, I am always willing to share what I have learned and what tactics I have used over the past two years. Don’t hesitate to hit me up.

-Dragon Blogger

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