Beginners Guide to Blog Commenting

You would think that commenting on blogs should be common sense and not require an instruction manual right?  I mean, you see an article, you read an article, you leave some feedback…right?

This is true, but there is actually much more to leaving a blog comment, when you comment on a blog think of it as more of a two way engagement.  You are not only commenting for the site owner, but by commenting keep in mind what value your comment may have for other readers of the article.  If you can add to the article, your insight or solve a problem, ask a question that another reader has you can build connections to other commenters and not just the article author.

The meat of the comment (content) is what is most important to the author or other readers and this should always be where you add the value.  Most people who leave a name and URL (especially if they use keywords in the name) are also trying to get a link credit and some SEO juice back to their site, so it is especially important that you add some value with your comment as well.

Your comment should be as unique as you are as a person, a simple “great post” or “nice job” isn’t going to cut it and may not even make it into an approved comment.  Grammar, spelling are important too or else you risk looking like a bot, or spammer.  Anti-Spam programs could flag your comment as spam just by using a word or two on the “blacklist”.  Try leaving even a valid comment on a blog with the word “Viagra” and that comment will likely never see the light of day even if you just used it as a metaphor for some great analogy.

When commenting on a blog, take a moment to think of 3 parts.


Acknowledge the author and their article, this can be a simple thank you or talking about what you liked about the article.

Inform or Opinionate

Add additional information or opinion that either accompanies or opposes the point of view of the article.  Be candid, be frank and be honest, your comments are like digital footprints and if you use your real name they are pieces of your identity being left around everywhere online.


If you are engaged further by the author or other commenters, take the time to come back and reply to continue the conversation.  A good comment conversation shouldn’t end with 1 comment and never return, it should help educate and continue.

These are just some of my beginner tips to blog commenting, but you can find so many other bloggers talking about leaving comments on blogs.  From the opinions on how to leave a comment, to the technical details on how to properly format a comment with the form fields.

More About Blog Commenting

Don’t take my word from it, Smart Boy Designs recently polled a slew of bloggers asking them What Makes a Great Blog Comment.  I would read the article and gain insight as to the common elements that all bloggers want to see and expect from someone who comments on their blogs.

So while thinking about driving traffic to your blog with blog commenting, also take the time to consider that the quality and type of comment make the difference between someone who gets engaged or someone who gets forgotten.

So how do you feel about blog comments, do you have any favorite commenters or readers who just brighten your day when they add their two sense or feedback to articles?

-Dragon Blogger

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