The Best Software For At Home Writers

Writing becomes more interesting and less stressful when you have the best writing software at your disposal. The thing is finding the best writing software will transform your writing. It will simplify every aspect of your work and let you achieve so much with little time and effort. So if you are writing at home or want to join the league of at home writers, here are some great software that can help you achieve success.


If you think Grammarly is overrated then you don’t care about quality work. Even though you are good with the English language, you still can make mistakes sometimes. Grammarly will help to correct errors you may not spot manually and provide suggestions that will help improve your writing.

This essay checking website will not only help you correct errors in your paper but increase readability. It will highlight errors in your paper when you copy and paste the text into it.

Grammarly categorizes errors into critical and advanced issues. Those using the free version can make corrections using suggestions by the software while advanced issue suggestions are accessible to premium account holders.

With this software, you can correct different errors that you may not spot through manual checking. The software spot errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice and sentence structure.

How to use Grammarly

  • Log on to
  • Upload texts or copy and paste them into the platform
  • Move your cursor to the corrections in green and click to make corrections.


ProWritingAid is another great tool work from home college students can use to improve their writing and paper. It has features that allow writers to check for different forms of errors they may not spot through manual checking.

With this software, writers can check their texts for repeating phrases, clichés, paragraph and sentence length and writing style. The writing style covers the use of adverbs, passive voices and other elements that are concerned with readability.

How to use ProWritingAid

  • Log in to
  • Copy or paste your text on the software.
  • Click on any of the icons (Grammar, Readability, Style, etc) to get suggestions.


Plagiarism is a serious offense a writer is not expected to commit. As a professional writer, you should be able to provide a plagiarism free copy to prove your professionalism.

Plagiarism is one of those errors you cannot check or spot manually. But with Turnitin, you can determine the originality of the paper. It is also plagiarism tool for teachers and students.

How to use Turnitin

  • Log on to
  • Go to “Assignments”.
  • Click Add to get the Assignment form.
  • Select option “Use Turnitin” and click post after adding the assignment.


Any at home writer serious about producing quality work know how handy the best writing software is. You can proofread or check the paper after writing within a short time to eliminate error and other issues that can jeopardize your effort. Among the tons of software, these are some of the best will find.

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