BIOSTAR TB250-BTC Motherboard Review – Best Mining Board of 2017?




Well, we’ve seen how the motherboard perforce in regular home and office usage and some games as well. We didn’t saw any ground breaking results from the BIOSTAR TB250-BTC, but the board also didn’t lack too much behind the other board in the test. And the best thing about the board is that, it only sets you back about $84.99 which is almost 30% cheaper than the Asus board. So for 30% less price, you’re just giving up a little bit on the performance but compared to Asus Z170P which only has a total of 4 PCIe slots, you’re also getting a total of 6x PCIe slots! Well in the end the board is targeted towards miners, and if you’re looking for a mining motherboard than BIOSTAR TB250-BTC is a great option to look at since it does not only give you good basic performance so you can also perform your regular tasks on with the board but can also supports up to 6 GPUs for mining purpose.

One of the feature that might skip the eye of regular PC users (almost did mine as well) and which I also didn’t mention in the benchmark was M.2 SATA drive. Well since I didn’t have a M.2 SATA drive, I couldn’t do the benchmark for that performance. Well why was the implementation of the M.2 SATA so important that I’m writing a whole paragraph on it? It’s that with an M.2 SATA drive, you will be saving 1x SATA power cable from your PSU which can be used for the power riser for you GPU. So that’s one great feature that BIOSTAR thought about and implemented in their new mining board. And yes, the strip that I talked about in the unboxing video, isn’t actually a LED strip, or maybe it is, but I couldn’t find any option to enabled it in the bios.

A motherboard can’t be called a mining board unless it has an attractive price, and the BIOSTAR TB250-BTC is just that, a perfect mining motherboard with an MSRP of $84.99 which seems like a great deal with all features it has. You can easily build a basic mining rig (without GPU) with an Intel G3900 Skylake CPU which is about $51.66, 4GB of Ballistix Sport LT 2400MHz RAM for $32.99 and 120GB of Corsair Force MP500 M.2 SATA drive for $84.99. That comes out to a total of $255 which isn’t half bad. From here on out, you can select the GPUs depending on your budget and the PSU according to the power consumption. So if you’re out in the market for a mining motherboard, I would definitely recommend the BIOSTAR TB250-BTC to you. And if you don’t remember, BIOSTAR also have 2 boards with similar features and price point for AMD platforms as well:

So in the end, I would like to rate the BIOSTAR TB250-BTC 5/5 stars and give it our Editor’s Choice award.

Ahmed Kazim

Ahmed Kazim

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