Your Blog is a Big Deal

Your blog is a big deal!

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Don’t let anyone tell you that it is "Just a blog" or you shouldn’t be talking about it, thinking about it or putting so much energy into blogging.  In many ways blogging can bring out the best traits in a person.

It can motivate you, inspire you and bring out a strong dedication and worth ethic you may not even realize that you had previously.  In other ways it can frustrate you and help you figure out ways to cope with frustration, disappointment in the forms of "setbacks" or "temporary failures" as I like to call them.

Blogging can be a form of therapy for people who have yearned to write but haven’t pursed it as a career, after all if you write for fun you don’t have to have the pressure of writing articles under the premise of deadlines and requirements.  You are free to write about what you want, when you want and nobody gets to tell you when to start, stop or anything else.

Blogging can also be addicting, you get into the writing game and most bloggers when they first engage are so "gung ho" that they can overdo it and sometimes this can lead to sleepless nights and some friction in the family area if you aren’t taking a step back and managing a good home/work balance like you would with any normal hobby or career.

But be excited about your blog, be proud of your blog and most of all know that your blog is a big deal.  Always treat your blog like its a big deal, after all if you are confident and strongly express your passion for your blog this form of communication is addictive and others will want to see what you are passionate about, they will want to read and hear what you have to say.

Here are some tips on how to promote your blog as a big deal:

Highlight or show off some of your most popular posts

This allows you to not only showcase some of your popular articles but also helps show that you have popular articles on your blog.  It also allows you to revive some older content.  You can define popularity by number of pageviews or number of comments left on the article, whichever you prefer and you think will show the most impact.

Highlight or show off some of your favorite articles you have written

Rather than focus on popularity this allows you to showcase articles that you put extra time and effort into writing or ones that mean something extra to you.  This is best reserved for what you consider your highest quality blog articles

Highlight or show off your guest blogging articles

This is not only a good way to showcase your posts on other sites, but also shows that you write for more than one site which adds to your authority.  This promotion also helps the host site you guest posted on so is a win/win scenario.

Highlight or show off your social media accounts

This is a good way to bring attention to your various social media accounts, and you can gain an extra boost in following from readers who may not have connected with you yet.  This is best reserved for once every month or two or so to prevent spamming your readers with your social media profiles.

In Summary

Be proud of your blog and your blogging, it is a big deal and should be treated as such.

-Dragon Blogger

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