Blog Commenting Tips: Commenting on Comment Replies

Why can’t you comment on your comment’s replies ? Many of us say that we have to reply to our comments. And most of us actually do it. But, we forget to do one thing :- we forget to comment to our replies ; we forget to reply to our replies. How many of us actually reply to our comments. In this post, we will talk “comment and replies”. Let’s start :-

Why we should reply to our comment replies ?

Recently, I have visiting many blogs and looking through the commenting section. And the results I found was amazing. Not many of us replied to our comment’s replies. What I found was this format (mostly) :-

  • Commenter one’s comment and Post Author’s reply
  • Commenter two’s comment and Post Author’s reply

Many of us feel like “comment and reply” is just enough. Many of us are commenting just for the sake of it. If we are really involved in the discussion, then we should reply to our comment replies. Most of the time, there would be something you might need to add ; Most of time you might need to reply to your comment. Ok, since this is about why we should, let’s consider the advantages of replying to your comment’s replied :-

  • More Commentluv/Link/Keywordluv

From a blogger stand point of view, I get more commentluv, backlinks and/or keywordluv. Do you what know that means ? It means more traffic, more exposure and more subscribers for you. The replies that I give back my include a link to my popular article, which the post author or some other person might click (which leads to traffic). That’s pretty neat, right ? Along with the commentluv, we also have keywordluv which leaves a direct link to your site. So, all this sounds good. But, what if the site doesn’t have either of these features. Don’t worry, you will still get a link because most sites provide you the option of leaving a website Url while commenting.

  • More Reputation

On top of all these link backs, you have an opportunity to increase your reputation. By commenting (more, on each site), you are letting others feel your presence ; you are increasing your reputation among the blog and its readers. I didn’t say that you have to be on the top commentators list. Rather, you have to try to increase your reputation among others.

  • Top commentators list

Top commentators list is one among the few incentives that inspire others to comment on your blog. Many people love to be on the top commentator’s list. You have to try to. By being on the top commentator’s list, you are increasing your chances of exposure while getting an additional link to your homepage. But before you move on further, I will have to tell you something : You need to submit quality comments, not quantity. If you are trying to get on the list just for the sake of it, then don’t do it. Because, it is not going to end well. You need to be motivated by your mind (to get on the list). You need to comment because you feel that you have an opinion on the topic. I am a fan of top commentators list, although I would not like if someone just left some comments (“thank you, great post” etc. type comments) just to get on the list, would you ?

  • Learn something new, get post ideas, teach others

The most important benefit is that you may learn something new. You may even get post ideas by commenting (I have got some through discussion). Commenting will also allow you to teach others what you know. In a sense, commenting is like “micro-blogging” (don’t confuse with Twitter :D). You comment while you blog. Your comments are like micro sized articles (Thanks to Ryan biddulph for this phrase). His comments are informational and useful. Don’t forget to check out his homepage. He is a great blogger with a great attitude (he is also a great commenter).


That puts an end to our discussion about comment replies. Now, it is your turn. Let me know of your comment. And don’t forget to reply to those comment replies. Hope that my post was useful to you. Thank you for stopping by @

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