Blog Engage $500 Guest Blogging Contest

You can bet I will be entering the Blog Engage $500 Guest Blogging Contest #1 and have already submitted my guest article and am waiting for it to be published.

Blog Engage just recently awarded $1,000 cash to Kira Permunian who runs SEOGeekster which was an amazing prize!  He had won the 2011 $1000 Guest Blogging contest.

Blog Engage always awards impressive cash prizes for bloggers who write the best articles and those who are able to bring in the most engagement in the form of comments, shares and such.

It will be good to compete again with many of the bloggers I have known for 3 years, these are all a great bunch of bloggers and I am hoping that I can get an early head start on this contest and help push me to the lead.  Note, if I win the $500 guest blogging contest #1, the first place prize is $250.  If I win it, I will probably use most of the money to host another giveaway on (Maybe another Kindle Fire?).

To get in on the $500 Guest Blogging contest now you must be a Blog Engage Member, now is a good time to sign up as the membership dropped to only $9.99 or you can get free membership if you subscribe to the Blog Engage RSS Syndication plans which give you backlinks, exposure and is well worth it.

Of course you can always try to win a free Blog Engage Membership with my current contest which ends on 2/10!

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