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I am probably the first blogger who signed up for the Blog Engage RSS Syndication program because I saw the potential of what this network offered for bloggers and I was able to show within a few months the value provided by the $9.99 Platinum RSS Syndication plan at the time.  If you were going to spend $9.99 per month promoting your blog you get no better value than with the Blog Engage RSS Syndication program.

I found even more value when upgrading to the Blog Engage Business Plus membership where I now have 4 blogs connected and feeding content into six article directories as well as being shared on social media.

I have done previous articles showing that I have 22,000+ backlinks to DragonBlogger.com as a direct result from the RSS Syndication program, but now that Brian includes dlvr.it reports to show your value from social media promotions of your article you can see even more benefit for being a member of the Blog Engage RSS Syndication services.

image Just from the Social Media sharing alone, you can see that I average 15.2 clicks per post that is published through the Blog Engage social networks.


Ironically this is even higher on my personal blog which averages about 20 clicks per post.  This will only increase as the Blog Engage social media accounts continue to grow, but let’s say you were just looking on average right now.

If you posted 1 article per day which is 30 articles on an average month, you would be getting 180 backlinks per month plus 450 clicks per month on average if you get the same per post ratio’s I do.  Remember these are stats from the Blog Engage social media sharing, so it doesn’t matter how small or large your own networks are for these metrics.  This equates to .01 cents per click if it were just social media sharing (you can’t buy cheaper CPC rates anywhere that I am aware of!).  Also, this is still .02 cents per backlink for your blog from the RSS syndication, combine these values and you get more backlinks and clicks for your RSS Syndication money than with any other paid service I am aware of online.  For the cost of a few Fiverr gigs per month you can get the benefit of a dozen Fiverr gigs!

Most bloggers who have signed up for Blog Engage RSS Syndication have seen their return on investment, but some may not have seen the return on clicks and views from Blog Engage.   But, they are failing to realize one benefit of Blog Engage RSS Syndication and membership that is better than all the backlinks and even the retweet clicks and visits.

The Blog Engage Facebook Group

This is a private Facebook Group for Blog Engage members and is one of the most active and relevant Facebook blogging groups I have ever been part of.  There is no posting of articles, link sharing…etc no “visit, click, retweet, share…etc” it is all about bloggers asking questions, sharing information and connecting with each other.  In just the past month I have seen bloggers looking for help find help within hours, bloggers needing questions answered get the answers they were looking for and the respect between Blog Engage members is truly admirable.

Seriously, here is just a snapshot of some of the great stuff being shared in the Blog Engage Facebook group.



You basically get consultation and support for free with hundreds of other bloggers having visibility to the information you are sharing.  This is all merely by connecting not by sharing links or requesting shares of articles, posts…etc.

Blog Engage EasyRetweet Partnership

In addition to the above, Blog Engage is constantly partnering with other online programs like their new partnership with EasyRetweet where members can get 1250 free credits for signing up.  EasyRetweet helps you promote your most important articles and encourages others to share them by providing them credits for sharing your tweets, it is a great way to get some extra attention and traffic to some of your important and high profile articles or pages where you need more attention and potential customers.

Blog Engage Hangouts

This is only the beginning, Brian from Blog Engage is also working on having weekly Google Hangout sessions for Blog Engage members where there will be workshops, seminars, networking and other events.  This is invaluable honestly and I will even be partaking and helping others in some of these when I can.

If you are a blogger and you trust my advice to help other bloggers expand their network, then give the $9.99 Blog Engage RSS Syndication a try and join the Blog Engage program and Facebook groups.  This is the smaller package and you won’t get as many backlinks but you will still gain all the tangible benefits of the group and the 1 backlink per day.  If you run multiple blogs connect them all under the Business RSS Syndication plan and see even more benefit.

Ask any question about Blog Engage and I will answer, I am always honest and know the network as good as anyone since I am one of the longest customers of the RSS syndication.  I will honestly tell you I pay $29.99 per month for the Business Plus membership and I am happy to consider this one of my monthly blogging expenses.

-Dragon Bloggerimage

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