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Blog Engage has undergone it’s first major redesign in 4 years and the new version of the site puts users front and center.  Featured users and showcasing members are key in the new version of Blog Engage.

The members voted and the new blue color scheme replaces the former green one for buttons and highlights.  The slider is a great attention grabber that showcases the featured members articles and spotlights.  This is a great reward and incentive to become a Blog Engage business member too so you can have featured spotlights that are attention grabbing right there on the homepage.


As you scroll down from the homepage a little you will see the top commentators, top voters and hot upcoming news (articles that are nearing publication to the homepage).  This is a great way to instantly find what is new and upcoming at a glance.

Right under that section you have your homepage published articles in a format that is quite appealing.  You will see that there are no Vote Down buttons anymore on Blog Engage, Blog Engage is about sharing and promoting articles you think provide value but not snubbing an article and penalizing a member.  If you think an article doesn’t make the cut, don’t vote for it, but there was really no reason to vote down articles specifically.

Blog Engage is an awesome article directory that not only helps promote and showcase your articles but your identity as a blogger.  You get to network and meet other bloggers and engage in a community focused on helping each other.  For a new blogger this is about a good a directory to start with and gain an immediate boost in traffic, backlinks and attention from other bloggers in your niche.

Great News!  We are giving away 5 Blog Engage memberships for free!  These memberships cost $29.99 normally (1 time fee).  This gives you full access to the Blog Engage community so you can start submitting articles and engaging with other bloggers right away.

4 members will win from the Rafflecopter Contest Entry below:

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1 Member will win from joining my mailing list, I will be tallying all members who join my mailing list between Friday 1/13 and Friday 2/10.  One person specifically who joined the mailing list during that time frame will be chosen as the 5th winner.

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But wait, there’s more!

1 winner determined by me will also win a full 1 year RSS Gold Syndication Plan ($59.98 value).  This RSS Syndication will automatically submit your blog articles (1 per 8 hours) to Blog Engage and save you time and money, in addition you will be eligible for Blog Engage 100% AdSense revenue sharing where you can earn money from the ads on  your submitted articles.  I will choose the winner based which blog I think would make the best addition to the Blog Engage community and will review the winner’s blogs after they are announced for the Blog Engage membership.

Good luck to all contests, and if you can’t wait you can just buy your RSS Syndication Membership now, it is well worth the money and I am a Business Member myself and have been since December 2010.


With my site getting over 85,000 pageviews per month, Blog Engage is my 7th highest traffic referrer and provides my RSS Syndication memberships provides me with over 5,000 backlinks to my blog yearly!  This is well worth the investment in my opinion.

-Dragon Blogger

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