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PostLinks is another service which allows bloggers to sell contextual links inside articles, comments or entire blog posts to advertisers.  I thought this may have been a good way to earn some passive money from my poetry blog which had a decent PageRank of 3 but didn’t appeal to many advertisers and I rejected many of the offers due to content mismatch.


To perform my review of PostLinks, I signed up for a PostLinks account and learned that you have to provide it with a WordPress account that is at least “editor” permissioned or “administrator” this account has to be able to edit or publish articles on your WordPress site automatically.

PostLinks had potential but within a day of signing up I had a post publish to my poetry blog about the Plants vs Zombies game.  I like the game and had the game post published on I may have kept it because of the content match, but it wasn’t a good fit for the poetry blog.

To make matters worse, the PostLinks only offered me .50 cents for publishing this 100 word article on my site which is an offensive amount to be honest.  On top of this PostLinks at the time of this writing has no ability to allow the blogger to manually approve/reject each post before it goes live.  You can reject a post after it publishes, but you can’t review it before it publishes on your site.

You also can’t separate out offering your blog for “contextual links, posts and comment links” so you either allow all 3 or none when you register your blog for PostLinks.

So after rejecting the post and contacting the company I requested that my site be removed from PostLinks.  PostLinks is not a good option unless bloggers are really running microsites that strictly they only use for monetization.  I don’t recommend it as a service at this time, I think the contextual link sales which even at .50 cents a like per month, or 1.00 a link per month was on par with the pricing could have some potential as it was at least competitive with but the service needs to allow bloggers to be able to manually approve/reject the post.

The other factor I didn’t like about auto publishing articles is that it is highly likely the article is duplicated and published on other blogs and therefore would be penalized by Google for not being original content.  This can hurt your site overall and to take such a risk for a mere $1.00 or .50 cents per published post is just not worth any bloggers time in my opinion.

There are plenty of ways to make money online and my review of over 20 programs shows you what has worked the best for me over the past two and a half years.  As far as my recommendation regarding PostLinks, I would stay clear of PostLinks as a service until they offer more manual control or the ability to sell contextual links on older articles without publishing new articles automatically.

-Dragon Blogger

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