December BlogEngage Membership Giveaway

You have heard me talk repeatedly about the benefits of Blog Engage here at before. has been using the Blog Engage RSS Syndication for a long time and it does generate not only traffic, earns a little AdSense, builds thousands of backlinks but also has put me in touch with some of the greatest up and coming bloggers in the blogosphere as well as some bloggers who are on the cusp of becoming the big time ones you hope to emulate someday.

Blog Engage is awesome, it is a tight article directory network and social environment in one.  But if you are a new blogger or run several small sites you probably have very limited funding to invest in the $29 for an account.  This is why we have teamed up with BlogEngage to give away 5 BlogEngage memberships for free!

That’s right, there will be 5 winners of this contest.  5 people who are looking to have the option to meet and chat with hundreds of other bloggers in real time using the Blog Engage chat system, get articles submitted and start benefiting from backlinks and attention to their articles.  Now, this isn’t a system you can just submit and forget, BlogEngage is designed to be an interactive community and you will get more out of it if you put more into it.

Here is an overview of what BlogEngage has brought my blog in 2011:


BlogEngage has brought over 2,000 visits to this year and though BlogEngage brings a few hundred referral visits a month to my blog it’s value in the quality of referrals (lowest bounce rates compared to StumbleUpon or Twitter) and the comment rate is higher generally from those referrals.

If you have been curious about seeing what Blog Engage can do for you, then join the contest now!

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But Wait, There’s More!

One of the 5 BlogEngage Membership winners will win a full 1 Year Gold RSS Syndication Membership.  This means you will get one of your blogs RSS feeds syndicated automatically every day to the Blog Engage directory.  For this prize, I will review the 5 winners and manually pick which blog wins the 1 year Gold RSS Subscription Membership from BlogEngage.  I will be looking for quality here, blogs that have articles that provide value to readers as well as one that I think would be a great asset to the BlogEngage community.

-Dragon Blogger

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