BloggerJet Strip The Blog Tool Lets you Find The Most Popular Articles

Tim Soulo the man behind Blogger Jet came up with a fantastic tool that I haven’t really run across on any other site yet.  This tool called the Strip the Blog Tool basically allows you to put in a blog URL and it strips out and shows you the top articles based on social media shares.  In the article introducing this tool read here, it talks about how you can put in a competing blog or popular blog and help discover which of your competitors blog posts are going viral and which posts resonate well with social media to give you ideas on what to write about and maybe learn by emulating what your competitors are doing.


Here is a video review of the Strip the Blog Tool from BloggerJet

But, there is also another great function of this tool and this is to create things like the uber popular “best articles” or “top articles” posts which I see many bloggers doing on a weekly basis.  This allows you to scan your favorite blogs and do a search for the past week for example and pick out 1 or 2 top posts from your favorite blogs of the the past week based on social media popularity.  You can then create a showcase list of the top content from your peer bloggers.

You just go to Strip the Blog


Enter in the Blog URL and decide if you are looking for top shared posts in the past week or 2 weeks.  Then you get a full list of articles


You can even set thresholds, like any articles that had 20 or more tweets for example in the past week.


You can show or remove any of the 4 Social Media shares, and if there is a ton of content, like there is on huge sites, you will want to use the filters.


For the free plan you can list up to 3 sites at the same time, and 5 strips per day.


I did a tech news roundup from some of my peers and quickly found the most popular post from my tech blogging peer Average Joe Geek was his article on how to fight bloggers who steal your content for example.

This tool has so much potential, here is what I think it could use in a premium plan.

  • Saved Strips

Saved Strips, the ability to preset and configure strips that run in the background on daily or weekly schedules and always show the results of that strip.  If I want to scan and always see the most popular articles on competitor or peer sites that I want to showcase or gain ideas from, I want to say every Sunday check my strip to see it updated.

  • More than 3 Sites

I think having a top 5 or top 10 site list would be perfect though will slow down the tool considerably as it would have so much more to scan to build the list.  I think at least 5 or 10 should be available in a premium type of plan, this is competitive research after all.

  • Pinterest Pins

Pinterest is not to be ignored and I think especially for sites with images and video content wanting to see the number of Pins should be something, this would tend to showcase more visually viral content.

  • Strip the Social Media Function?

How about a Social Media option where you can enter a Facebook Fanpage or Twitter Profile and it lets you find the most engaged content over that same duration and time as well.  This ability to add social media profiles though some tools do this for Twitter and Facebook now, something like this as an augmented ability for the Search the Blog like enter the Fanpage and Twitter account too (or auto detect from homepage of site if it can) would be awesome.

So take a look at the Blogger Jet Strip the Blog tool and let me know what ideas you can come up with to leverage this tool which determines which is the most popular content on a site based on social media shares.

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