Blogging Takes Dedication to Be Among The Best

It didn’t take me long to realize that I have little chance to be as successful an entrepreneur as someone like James Richmond from The Infopreneur, now I say this knowing that he hasn’t yet even come close to tapping his potential but I foresee James will be up in the same leagues as David Risley within probably the next 12 – 24 months in my honest opinion.  They have something that I lack and that is a true entrepreneurial spirit which is what drives them to be better than the rest, to stand out more than the rest and this also gives them a great ability to market themselves and promote.

I know James is on the verge of launching some services that will help other bloggers reach success as fast as he did and he is one person who doesn’t preach what he can’t backup.  His site has grown in less than five months to being under 40k Alexa Rank and being within the top 15k blogs in the U.S. According to Alexa Rank.  This took me more than two and a half years to achieve with my that he accomplished in less than six months.  He is as dedicated as the best and has the drive and spirit to match his dedication.

I myself have gone through blogging peaks and valleys over the past two years with some weeks being greatly inspired and blogging up storms and networking like crazy, and other weeks I barely have the energy or desire to punch out more than a handful of articles.  One thing I do on is provide information and tips to bloggers that are as good as any other blogger, but I lack any real desire or motivation to package my material into a sellable product.  Though I probably could affiliate sale some eBooks and I write good documentation I am still trying to figure out how to be where I want to be with blogging.

Realistically I envisioned this blog as being more of a technology blog with articles and information related to software, freeware, technology and such.  I gradually included blogging tips and always vowed to help other bloggers realize what you really could reach by blogging and eventually my blog become more famous and popular for my blogging articles than my technology articles and now stands somewhere in the middle.  I guess the reason why I am not as motivated and driven to drive my blog into a frenzy is because I do love my day job and I do work forty hours a week.

I actually can tell you I don’t want blogging to be my full time job, I enjoy it more as a hobby and would probably get frustrated and bored of it if I had to do it as my only source of income.

I share this with my readers to let you know that dedication is what will set you apart from the rest, and if you don’ t have mountainous levels of dedication you will barely be able to get your blog to stand out among the millions of competitors.  If you truly want to be a success and star in the blogging world you need to have a drive that is long term, not just a passion that fizzles and burns out in six months.  You must see yourself in two or three years and set goals and what if’s that test to see if you have the resolve and dedication to take your blog to the highest levels.

Answering these simple questions can help you determine if you have the drive to send your blog to the top quickly or let it kind of crawl its way up the slopes.

  • Why do you want your blog to be a success?
  • Are you blogging for money or fame?
  • What do you want from your blog?
  • What do you want from your readers?
  • What should your readers expect from you?
  • Do you have twenty or more hours a week to dedicate to blogging?  (This means you will likely steal time from many if not all of your other hobbies to blog)
  • Can you commit to writing no less than three hundred original articles per year?
  • How much do you enjoy blogging?
  • What product/service do you plan to create and sell to your readers?

Know what you are going to be getting yourself into before you start a blog if your intention is to try and reach the highest levels and earning potentially of blogging.  I also ask the last question because I am sure now after two and a half years of blogging that the only way to achieve the highest levels of monetary success through blogging is to sell a service or range of services.  This does include being an affiliate, but unless you are selling a product or service and making money from selling something you are highly unlikely to achieve a six figure income just from advertising and promoting products through paid posts.  (There are exceptions but these are so few).

So tell me, what is your drive to blog?   What service do you plan to sell?  Where do you want to take your blog?

-Dragon Blogger

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