Blogspot PageRank Sculpting: Control Internal Links For SEO

PageRank sculpting is a term usually associated with Black Hat SEO, and openly condemned by Google. However, it is perfectly ethical to decide which pages on your own blog are more important than others and regulate the PR juice transferred to each page based on its importance!

For example, pages like tags, categories, archives and sitemap have up to 100 or more links, to possibly unimportant pages. This is clearly a waste of PR juice! Instead you can choose to make the links to such pages no-follow, so that the post pages and other important ones get the maximum SEO benefits! On WordPress you can achieve PageRank Sculpting by using a number of plugins, while there is no ready-made plugin for Blogger/Blogspot blogs.

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Search Engine Optimization

In this post we shall take a look at the various ways you can modify your Blogspot/Blogger template to get maximum SEO benefits for your post pages and thus increase blog traffic and revenue.

Step 1: Download the Template from your Blogger/Blogspot blog and make 2 copies of it.

Step 2: Leave one copy of the downloaded template file as backup and open the other one using Notepad or any other basic text editor for customization.

Step 3: Here I shall use a generic blogger template available on the website as an example, but you can ask me for help with other templates any time :)

The most efficient way to change “dofollow” links to “nofollow” is to search for ‘<a ‘ (include a blank space after ‘a’) or the beginning tag of anchor links and add a rel=”nofollow” attribute to the tag. You can do this in bulk by using “Replace All” in Notepad. Once you have added the rel=”nofollow” attribute, you can search for “nofollow”, look for links which you WANT to be dofollow and remove the “nofollow” attribute from only those links.

By default, Blogger already adds the “nofollow” attribute to a couple of links, in the comments section. You may either keep them “nofollow” or change them to “dofollow” just by removing the attribute.

If you prefer it, you may make all the links “nofollow”, and manually link to all the important pages from the homepage, to keep things simple. This might however take some extra effort on your part since you would have to manually add each link.

Tell us about your experiences with PageRank Sculpting and SEO in general.

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