How to Boost Weak Cell Phone Signals

If you are a working person with a cell phone, then you can understand the trouble of having just one bar on your screen. Cell phones have become one of the basic need of life, especially if you have cut down your landline connections.

There are many times when there are no or weak signals, which is intervening in your work. As, without signals your phone is nothing, but a device on which you can do nothing more than playing games. Thus, one can easily understand the need to find a way to boost the signals

According to recent research weak signal is a problem that every individual faces once in a while. If you are living in a geographic area where hills and mountains are impossible to be escaped from, then you must have faced the difficulty of receiving signals. However, most of the companies like Spark are working on the plan to increase the number of towers for better reception, still it need time to do that. On viewing this problem FCC has declared cell signal booster as the ultimate answer to the problem. So, better boost cell phone signal with cell signal boosters.

In this article we have discussed some of the easiest ways how you can boost your cell phone signals without any external aid.


The easiest way to prevent your calls from dropping, again and again, is to find a place in your house where you can get maximum signals. How you do this? Well, it’s easy, just take your phone and go through different corners of your house, but the thing is that you cannot rely on the bars on your screen to know the signal strength. This is because, the 2 bars on your iPhone screen can be equal to 3 bars on any other phone, as these bars are not standard for all the cell phone brands.

However, there are some ways how you can find the signal strength of your phone, which is measured in db. It has a very narrow range from -50 to -120dB.

In order to find your mobile signals, dial *3001#12345#*if you are an iPhone user. For Android users go to settings>General>About Phone> Network. So, when you find your lucky place, it means this is the zone where you are going to make all your future calls.



Your phone antenna is receiving the signal from the source. The clearer the path between the two the greater the strength of the signals. Anything that comes in between them can result in your phone showing weak or no signals. Thus, you need to clear anything that comes in between the two.  However, the modern phones do not have any external antenna, but it has one built in, which is functioning in the same way. So, anything can become the source of the weak signal, especially when you are driving, as your car acts as signal proof box preventing any signal to come in. So, next time when you face weak signal in your car, just drop your window down.


There are chances that you still face the same problem, thus the permanent solution to your problem is to shift to a cell signal booster. These small devices work as an amplifier, as they receive a weak signal and intensify it so that you don’t have to scratch your head whenever the signals are weak.

There are the different type of signal boosters, depending upon whether you are looking for the house, business or your car/ truck. So, choose the one which suits your need, connect it to your internet modem and enjoy strong signal all day around.


Besides all this, one of the most common causes that can lead you to weak signal is the low battery.  This is because your phone needs some energy to work and catch the signal. No battery means, poor functioning and this lead to weak signals. So, keep your phone charged.

These were some of the easiest things that you can do to have strong signals in your phone.


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Tom Parillo

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