Building Tribes on Triberr

My fellow bloggers, I am looking to really put Triberr to the test to see how well it can help with cross promoting each others blogs and specifically I am looking to expand and assist in helping other tech bloggers, video game bloggers and WordPress/Social Media/SEO bloggers reach a larger audience.

This experiment I am doing will last about 2 months based on how much participation I get and will help show bloggers whether or not the value in joining Tribes can help drive a significant amount of traffic to their sites.

One problem, I need volunteers and other bloggers who are willing to test the system and join my Triberr tribes.  I already paid $30 into Triberr to unlock inbreeding, but it is too expensive to invite other members who are already part of Triberr, it is free to bring people into Triberr if they are new members and are not part of other tribes.  This is where I am looking for participation from other bloggers.

Tech Bloggers

If you run an English blog that writes about technology, gadgets, software, hardware or all things technology specifically then I want to help you promote your site!  I will review your blog and if I like it, I will send you a Triberr invite and will retweet and share your articles across the tribe which has a reach of almost 18,000 Twitter users for free as part of the tribe.  We cross promote each others articles, that is how Triberr works.



My criteria is that your blog must be a high quality English blog, just sign up below and I will review your blog and contact you.

Social Media / WordPress / SEO Bloggers

If you run an English blog that shares articles to help other bloggers become better marketers, gain more traffic or learn ways to increase revenue, earnings, optimize their blogs then I want you to join my Better Blogging tribe.  This tribe is dedicated to all articles that help other bloggers and I want to help share your articles in exchange for also sharing my own in the same subject matter.  (You won’t be sharing any of my tech articles or gaming articles in this tribe).

Right now if you join my Better Blogging Tribe your articles can reach over 209,000+ followers.


My criteria is that your blog must be a high quality English blog, just sign up below and I will review your blog and contact you.


Video Game Bloggers

Gaming bloggers, I really want to expand and help reach a larger gaming audience and am willing to share your articles to my 12,500+ Twitter fans if you join my Video Game Reviews Tribe.  PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Android, or iOS games, doesn’t matter which OS you write game reviews for.  If you run a video game review or video game news blog then I want to consider you for this tribe.  Currently I have no members in my video game reviews tribe so you would have the reach of my 12,500+ Twitter followers plus your own at this point.

My criteria is that your blog must be a high quality English blog, just sign up below and I will review your blog and contact you.

Why Use Triberr?

Triberr is a network where bloggers come together leveraging Twitter and tribes to help cross promote each others articles.  This in effect lets you reach an audience many times greater than your own direct Twitter following and you can setup this exchange without any cost whatsoever.

As you can see by my Better Blogging tribe which I only launched a few days ago, a user’s article can reach up to 207,000 twitter users just by being a member of the tribe.  You get to decide which articles you want to promote and can review, approve or reject any that you don’t want to share.

Triberr shows you who your top traffic driving tribe mates are so you know who is providing the most value to you for being part of the tribe.


You can also easily see how much traffic you are helping drive to others articles.


Who wants to join one of my tribes and help reach a larger Twitter audience with your articles in this mutual exchange of information sharing?

Just sign up here:

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  If you have any feedback or opinions on Triberr, feel free to share them.  I only recently started actively testing Triberr even though I was a member for a while I didn’t have any active Tribes and wasn’t a member of any tribes.

-Dragon Blogger

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