Business Twitter Tips from Sprout Social

As a blogger who is looking to improve my business strategy around my sites I find Sprout Social Insights to be a great online resource for me.

imageI particularly enjoy their articles relating to using social media and media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook…etc to make sure you are using those networks effectively.  Recently their article about YouTube analytics talked about the new demographics reports for your YouTube channel and how you can use this information to understand where your target audience is which can give you ideas on how you should tailor your content.

There is also a whole featured category devoted to Twitter for business which tips and information to help business leverage this social media network to their best advantage with articles that cover everything from business intelligence to how to interact with difficult customers on Twitter without causing your company to lose face.

If you are looking for social media articles and other articles relating to blogging and SEO then Sprout Social Insights is a website you should become a regular reader of.

Now, once you are convinced of the value Sprout Social has in helping you market and promote online, take a look at their pro package for $9 a month which is a tool that allows you to manage your brands online and connect to your social networks as well as provide monitoring of your sites and brands.

You can start your free 30 day trial of Sprout Social without even listing a credit card so you can see what it can do for your online brand.

-Dragon Blogger

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