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I have to thank Karen from BlazingMinds again for introducing me to a program or service that I hadn’t heard about before. The service here is called and it is a clever service that allows advertisers to purchase retweets from clients or “earn” retweets from others signed up in the program by retweeting their tweets. Instead of being paid to promote content, this service allows you to barter promotion for your own site and articles by promoting others in exchange (or simply buy retweet credits if you are lazy or don’t want to do 20 retweets for 10 in return).

I was fascinated with the system and saw that many people were using to boost up their MyLikes promotions, by purchasing retweets and having others promote your sponsored MyLikes promotions, you can earn more clicks and earn more money from your MyLikes opportunities. I also saw people doing this with SponsoredTweets articles though this would improve their CPC analytics, SponsoredTweets pays you a set amount no matter how many clicks a sponsored link receives so I don’t see it being as beneficial unless you want to improve your CTR ratio for sponsored opps.

Bottom line I think this is a good way to trade or purchase promotion for your blog, product or service and the more people that join and start using it the more reach your promotion you have. Like any sponsored system, there can be abuse if somebody retweets too many articles that are not in good genre, and if you retweet something without checking the link and quality of what you are retweeting you may damage your twitter reputation. Always check where the link ends up and what you are retweeting, don’t just retweet for the sake of earning some retweet credits in the program.

I tested the program by earning four retweet credits and creating a tweet to have retweeted, when you do this, you will see when you submit a message it will show your “tweet” as well as how many “credits / retweets” you are looking for:

The system will only allow the same user to retweet the same message 1 time to prevent easy and blatant abuse.


The system does however need to be improved, there are too many tweets and you have to scroll them sequentially right now. This is too cumbersome (or it will be if the service gets very popular), they should update to require you to select a category for your message, and put a search function or browse function that allows you to sort messages by category. Possibly even keyword tags and implementing a search so you can just see the messages related to those keywords as well.

Since the more people who use the system the more tweets will just be listed in timeline order, you can often scroll through pages of messages just to find one that you are happy to retweet because of the content or genre mismatch of the topic. is a good idea and allows content publishers to get some extra promotion for their content by doing a little promotion themselves if they don’t want to spend any money. I like systems where there is mutual benefit and no out of pocket cost.

Every blogger should join Retweet.It and leverage it to promote your articles that give preference or want to showcase.

-Dragon Blogger

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