Camera Placement for Maximum Security

One of the biggest worries that a business can have when it has a storefront that invites customers in is security. Stores do not want to see massive losses because they are inviting thieves to take their stock, nor do businesses want to keep around any employees that are participating in theft. That is why having a security camera system is extremely important. These cameras will help protect your products, your employees and your customers. They can also deter thieves who were thinking about coming in and robbing you.

Finding the best places to put cameras for security is important. You don’t need to have the whole store covered in cameras, but you do need to recognize some of your most vulnerable places. Here are some of the most common camera placements to maximize your security system.

Customer Entrance

One of the most obvious places to start with when you are placing cameras for security is your store’s customer entrance. A camera here will allow you to get faces on camera of everyone that came into your store during business hours. If a theft or attempted robbery happens, you will have a record of those who have entered the store. Having a monitor that plays back the live feed can be an additional deterrent to those who are thinking about doing harm to your store.

Other Entrances and Exits

Along with the customer entrance, any other door that opens to the outside is susceptible to break-ins. These entrances could be a back door, a garage door or a loading dock where you receive your shipments of products. These cameras do not need to have a live monitor to deter possible thefts. These cameras can be visible or hidden, and many store owners find that hidden cameras can get better video evidence because thieves are not worried about being filmed.

Points of Sale

Every store has a point of sale. Often, this is where the cash register is. If you have a larger store, you may have multiple points of sale throughout the sales floor. A camera is necessary here because you want to keep the money that’s on your sales floor protected from theft. These cameras may also be useful if your business has had problems with employee theft as well.

The cameras fixed on the points of sale will often be overhead, which makes it easy to go unnoticed, but may not be as helpful when it comes to facial recognition without careful adjustment of the camera before you open your store for business.

Targets of Theft

While the points of sale in your store are the biggest targets of theft, you may also have other areas that contain products that are highly valued for thieves. Some of these areas may include jewelry cases, designer clothing displays, electronics and more. Even if all of these high-priced items are securely locked inside a case, it is imperative that they are constantly on camera. These areas may also be the target of employee theft, which could go unnoticed if they have possession of the key that opens the displays.

Hidden or Secluded Areas

The one area of your sales floor that you have probably ignored when it comes to provided extra security measures is those areas where thieves can hide. These areas may not have high-dollar displays of items, but these areas serve as a great place for thieves to take stolen items and hide them on their person. These areas may also be dangerous for your customers when walking by because criminals can hide and strike, stealing from them instead of your store.

Security cameras in these hidden areas can deter criminals from hiding there, but for these spaces you should also make occasional sweeps to let your customers know that this area is being watched, even if it can’t readily be seen from the point of sale or the front door.

Because every store is different, you will want to evaluate the areas you need cameras most and consider if you need security monitoring services. Providing this level of security doesn’t only protect the business. It also protects your customers. When customers feel safe to shop, they are more likely to turn into your loyal customers.

Tom Parillo

Tom Parillo

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