How You Can Use Movavi Screen Capture Studio to Record Skype Calls

From time to time, you may find a need to record your Skype calls especially if it is an important Skype call. For example, you want to be able to record you Skype conversation with your employer so that you can take note of all the instructions that he gives you on your assignment. You may want to record your Skype conversation with someone you have interviewed. Skype does not include a function which allows you to record your video or voice call. Hence, you need to use a third party software like Movavi Screen Capture Studio to record the Skype call.

Recording a Skype call with Movavi Screen Capture Studio is very easy. First, you must get ready by launching Movavi Screen Capture Studio so that you can quickly hit the Rec button when the person call you or pick up the call you make. If you are having a Skype video call with the other party in full screen, you can choose either display 1 or display 2 under Full Screen in the Select Capture Area drop down menu. Alternatively, you can adjust the rectangle frame to the size of the window of the Skype video call where you see the other person face to face.

It is important that you plug in your speaker and microphone since you are conducting a Skype video calls. After plugging in your speaker and microphone, make sure you click on the System Audio and Microphone icons. If the speaker and microphone input recording are enabled, you will see a green tick on the icons. If not, you will see a red X button on the audio or microphone icon. You may also want to hide the cursor on your computer screen when you record Skype calls. To hide your cursor, you can click on the mouse cursor icon to open the cursor options dialog box. You are to uncheck the Show cursor check box to hide the cursor in the video recording.

Upon recording the Skype call, a preview pane with red and white markers will appear. The white marker and red marker are used to identify the segment of the video that you want to save. The white marker indicates the starting point while the red marker indicates the end point of the part of the Skype call you want to save. If you want to save the entire Skype call you have recorded on your computer, you can drag the white marker to the beginning of the Skype call and the red marker to the end of the Skype video call you recorded just now.

You must click the Save as drop down menu to choose the preferred video format that you want to save in. finally, you must click the save button to save your Skype video call onto your hard drive. You should name each of the Skype call you recorded according to its content for future reference. Movavi Screen Capture Studio can be used to record Skype calls made on Windows 8 and 10 as well as Mac OS X up to version 10.10.

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