Can I Teach You How to Get Rich Blogging?

I saw a really funny tweet by @GrowMap on twitter that was true, but wasn’t the whole picture and it reminds me of how bloggers promote and brag about their income online.


This is a true statement, I made $5,095.35 blogging part time only 20 hours per week.  However, before you start thinking I am a mega successful blogger and am commanding income levels that would make me do blogging full time I want to point out to my readers that this income was earned over a total of two years.  With 20 hours per week average for 20 years (20 hours * 4 weeks * 24 months / $5,095.35) this equates to .37 cents per hour income from blogging online part time.

I could make more money mowing peoples lawns in the neighborhood, kids selling lemonade from lemonade stands and girls selling girl scout cookies earn more than I do blogging.  Clearly I blog because I enjoy it and have a good time, blogging is a hobby and I do it for the fun of it.

While following my methods and instruction can help you monetize your blog, there is no secret formula to making thousands per month on your blog.  If there was a formula, I would have found it.  Don’t listen to the false claims from everyone who says there is.  Remember that most of the mega successful and super famous bloggers don’t really spew any new information that isn’t said by the smaller bloggers.  They just happened to be among the first to share it and have been saying it longer therefore are on top.  (Longevity sometimes leads to fame).

Salesmanship will earn you more than doing paid blog reviews, and affiliate sales of products whether it is WordPress themes, Hosting Providers, or even an eBook you wrote and are trying to sell will earn you more if you are popular enough and can build a large enough network.

Until your blog reaches at least 20,000 pageviews per month and has a PR2 it will be hard to monetize your blog past the $10 – $50 per month mark, so I would focus on social promotion to reach this benchmark and do whatever sponsored opps and advertising (AdSense, Kontera, Infolinks…etc) whatever to try and at least earn enough to cover your web hosting fees.

Just blog about what you are passionate about, but don’t just blog about it, you have too heavily promote on every social network that exists.  Not just the article submission sites and social networks, but include forums with like minded themes and niches.

Can I teach you how to get rich from blogging?

The answer is no my friends, I can’t tell you the secret formula to make enough money to blog full time and quit your day job.  I can however show you how to steadily increase your online influence, traffic and which methods to try and earn more money than the other 75% of bloggers who can squeeze out earnings every month.

-Dragon Blogger

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