10 Mobile-Friendly WordPress Web Designs That You Need to Know

Honestly speaking, ensuring that your website is mobile friendly has never been more important than it is in this evolving age of information. The truth is, for the first ever since the dawn of the World Wide Web, internet traffic from mobile devices has significantly surpassed that from personal computers. And this can only imply [...]

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The 9 Most Important Factors in Building eCommerce Websites in WordPress

Designing an eCommerce website can be complicated. There are lots of things to consider, from site performance to user engagement. It’s one thing to design a simple website, but designing an eCommerce site comes with its own challenges. Wondering about the guidelines? Consider this article to know more on designing ideas of an eCommerce website. Same Designs [...]

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Upload Word Documents to WordPress Posts with Mammoth .docx Converter

If you run a Wordpress blog and have multiple editors or allow guest post contributions then you may find it quite cumbersome to copy/paste Wordpress documents to the Wordpress post editor. The primary pain is when images are added to Wordpress documents you simply cannot cut and paste the document content into the Wordpress post [...]

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10 Crucial Ways To Speeding-Up Your WordPress Website

As you know word press is a content management system that is based on PHP technology, and it's all things are managed from the dashboard of the CMS. Some time many of us, make website using purchased theme as available by different companies. And customize that theme accordingly. But real problem start when our website [...]

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What Makes WordPress the Order of the Day in SEO Services?

What began as blogging software in 2003 has now emerged as one of the most preferred content management systems. WordPress is often considered the numero uno in web development, and is used by the professionals at the SEO Company.  But why is it so popular? It goes on record that there are some WordPress websites [...]

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Bulk Export WordPress Posts to Word DCOX Format with Aspose Doc Exporter

I was in the process of decommissioning several of my smaller blogs lately, but one blog in particular which is my poetry blog has important posts and original poems that I have created over the years and didn't want to lose.  I needed a way to export and save these off, but didn't want them [...]

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WordPress Plugin: AddToAny Compatible with Google AMP

Recently I ran into a problem when setting up my Wordpress sites for Google AMP support in that the share plugin I was using which puts social share buttons on all my posts and pages was rendering poorly in AMP pages.  The share buttons were bloated because they didn't use the proper code to constrain [...]

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Google Project Fi service review!

Hello readers, I have something a little different for you this time. Now we all know the major cellphone service providers; AT&T, T- Mobile, Sprint, Verizon... but have you heard of Google's own, Project Fi? You may not have, but that's simply because it is still fairly unknown, and semi exclusive. Earlier in 2015, Google [...]

Review of the Perixx PX-5200BR Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

In the age of the Mechanical keyboard, we are bombarded by the loud clickety clack of Cherries and Kiehl’s but what if I told you they didn’t have to be loud to be good? What if I told you that a relatively quiet keyboard can actually be pretty good and what if I told you [...]

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Review of the Thermaltake Suppressor F51 Computer Case

Thermaltake again takes its aim at performance with the Suppressor F51 E-ATX Mid-Tower case. The stock case alone provides just about everything needed, but we are never happy with stock, and neither is Thermaltake.  Let’s take a look at the features and spec’s. ThermalTake Suppressor F51 Windowed Specs and features Motherboard Support: Micro-ITX, Micro ATX, [...]

Review of the Patriot FUEL 9000mAh 2-Port Portable Charger

Review of the Patriot FUEL 9000mAh 2Port, Power Bank, high quality Portable Charger & LED light. Multi-purpose USB charger that does so much.

Dragon Blogger Back Up and Stable?

The past two weeks have been tough for DragonBlogger.com as the site had been dealing with  intermittent 502 errors and problems that cut visitors by 40% and left many unable to join giveaways and admins unable to login to write any new articles or do any editing.  I hadn’t had a single problem in 10 [...]

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How to Embed HD YouTube Video in WordPress

Now that DragonBlogger.com has a very large post width area I was embedding larger YouTube video sizes into the Wordpress posts but found that the embedded YouTube videos were too low resolution and required the viewer to manually click on the gear icon and switch the resolution to 720p or 1080p to get the best [...]

Hootsuite Can Publish to Your WordPress Blog

Good news Hootsuite users, you can now connect Hootsuite to your self hosted Wordpress blog via the Hootsuite Wordpress.org application written by Quinn Sakunaga.  This application allows you to enter your credentials and connect to your Wordpress blog using the XML-RPC protocol (the same way Live Writer does). From the Hootsuite application you can now [...]

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