Lots of Paint.NET Plug-ins

I have scoured dozens of web sites and forums online to bring you a compilation of all Paint.NET Plug-in effects I have found from the various forums and sites.  All of these were found offered for free, and I am basically giving my fellow Paint.NET artists access to the same plug-ins so they don’t have to spend hours trying to find them on their own. I found plug-ins to provide shadow effects, curve text, render … Read more

HootSuite – The Ultimate Twitter Management Tool?

When @AnnEvanston  one of my twitter followers mentioned the Hootsuite tool has the ability to track how many clicks your links were getting on Twitter, I thought I would check the tool out and see how it fared against other Twitter tools. Boy was I surprised I had not heard of this tool previously. Hootsuite is indeed one of the best, if not The Best twitter management tool I have found and for several reasons. … Read more

Update On The Magic Jack

I wrote a review of the MagicJack product last week when I had used it for only two days and about 4 hours of calls.  You can read my original Review of the Magic Jack here before continuing with this updated post. This is a follow up to that post that now includes 8 days and about 40 solid hours talking on the Magic Jack for work related purposes. I have used the Magic Jack … Read more

DragonBlogger Review of MagicJack

I received my magicJack VOIP phone device yesterday in the mail and decided to put it to the test. The product is very simple to install, you plug the USB device into you computer and it kicks off some software having you register the jack. MagicJack Device You put in your location, choose an area code for your phone number and finish the setup. I don’t know why they make you select a check box … Read more

How To Make Your Own Custom Mp3 Ringtone With Audacity

I had wondered how to get free ringtones on my wife’s and my own blackberry devices when I tried various web sites that worked, but were slow or required too much time or didn’t have the songs I was looking for. When someone told me that I could create my own from any mp3 with Audacity I decided to try it out. When I realized how simple it was and that it worked, I decided … Read more

Resize And Reformat Your Images With PIXResizer

I have been using PIXResizer for over a year as my default freeware program to take my very large 8 megapixel camera photo images and resize them for use in email or uploading to my blog sites. PIXResizer will let you specify custom sizes, or let you reformat GIF -> JPG, JPG -> PNG… and more. You can also rotate the image or directly output a color image to greyscale with PIXResizer. The first thing … Read more

Paint.Net Extra Effects

I was having a hard time creating shapes in Paint.Net, the default paint program only allows you to create rectangles, rounded rectangles, circles, freeform shapes. So I did a little google search and found BoltBait created an effects pack for Paint.Net. This effects pack has a “render” option under effects that can create just about any polygonal shape you need from stars, to hexagons, octagons, anything, you set the # of sides, the depth and … Read more

Review of Nielsen’s Homescan Consumer Panels

Like many people out there was looking to leverage surveys and other sites to help generate a side income or at least win some perks and free stuff.  One of the most legitimate enterprises I have found was Nielsen’s Homescan Consumer Panels.  This company will actually mail you a bar code scanner, and all the instructions to participate. Picture of equipment sent to me: So, the idea is simple or so I thought.  You scan … Read more