Showcasing the New HTML 5 HootSuite Interface

Okay, the new Hootsuite HTML5 isn’t that new anymore since it was updated a few weeks ago and has already been seen by hundreds of thousands of people, but I did my own video to showcase the new look and feel of Hootsuite which I felt was only right since my previous videos all had the old Hootsuite version in them.

What I like about the new Hootsuite HTML 5

  • The interface is clean, visually appealing
  • I can make the color scheme so that it looks almost like Tweetdeck (black and white letters)
  • The “separator” between old messages and new updates is fantastic for showing the split between where new updates are and the stuff you already read
  • Adding Google Analytics gives you even better click tracking and analytics for your tweets if you use or to shrink them

The not so good things about the new HTML 5 Hootsuite

  • Scheduling tweets takes longer than old interface before due to the extra click and steps involved
  • Hootsuite interface is slower on FireFox than old interface due to advanced HTML 5 features

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