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In this day of high speed internet and broadband there really is no reason business should not look to a small business voip to save money and enhance the features and capabilities of their voice and phone systems. Vocalocity is one such service that works with business to help you design a custom VOIP system for your business that is plug and play where you can easily expand and add phones as you need to and your business grows.

Vocalocity has plans designed for business with just 5 employees or hundreds and thousands of employees. They also offer free VOIP Webinars in their Business VOIP & PBX Education center which I encourage you to sign up if you want to learn more about these telecom offerings or see if VOIP is right for your business.

Vocalocity is proud to advertise its customer base and has a Testimonials page with video testimonials from small business across the country, this is nice to actually see “companies” and owners who can vouch for the service instead of many companies who don’t provide a list of clientele so you can’t really be sure who is using them.

So if you are interest in VOIP for your small business, I recommend you take a look at Vocalocity and see if they have an offering at the right price and with the right features for you. It was very easy to visit their website and request a custom quote based on whether you need a T1, T3, Fiber, Cable or DSL VOIP service.

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