Blogging: Collaboration vs. The Lone Wolf

I am seeing an uptick in collaborative blogging enterprises lately in the various online social circles I dwell in and there is great benefit in this.  When working as a peer content blogging site, an online magazine per se you are relying on a few or many authors to help increase the quantity of content you can server on your website in a shorter period of time.  The more content you have the more pages indexed by Google and the more writers collaborating the more they are likely to bring in their own reader and fan base to your site.

It is this collaboration that has grabbed notice of several blogs in the past year who have skyrocketed from “launch” to under 30K Alexa Rank and over 50,000 visits per month in less than a year.  It is in this collaboration I see these sites growing rapidly and potentially being able to “bypass” some of the traditional slower methods of building a blog.

As many of my readers know, will eventually become an online magazine at some point, I have too many categories and vary so much in content that only a magazine style can showcase my blog the way I envision it.  As such, I will eventually be looking for various collaborators to write for the various categories (Movie Reviewer, Technology Guru, Social Media blogger…etc).  At some point I see myself hiring people to write, not paying them a per article basis as many do now through or but rather pay them monthly salaries for writing X number of articles per month and including of course the normal social media promotion that comes with such articles.

I have been more of a lone wolf blogger now for just over two years and though I accept guest posts on the site doesn’t churn out as much content as I envision it with me doing all the content creation.  Of course this is partly because I am running so many blogs, but I am looking to turn this site into an online Technology and Entertainment Portal in the future.

There are plenty of lone wolf bloggers who have gone on to break the mold and reach success levels many of us dream of, but collaboration sites have an edge and have the potential to achieve goals of reaching a mass audience and in turn a better ability to monetize faster.

So let me know about your blogging goals, are you a collaborative blogger and share your site with others or do you prefer lone wolf and sole rewards from your sites?

-Dragon Blogger

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