How to Comment Drop with an iPad

I had followed a link from Hootsuite on my iPad 2 the other night and I wanted to leave a comment on somebody elses blog but quickly learned that by default the iPad2 is not really designed for filling out comment form fields. The main problems are the auto capitalization which breaks the http:// part of the website url, when the H in http is capitalized the form registers it as invalid url format and it also freaks out commentluv. In addition just try to enter something like and the auto-correction will try to change it to contact me (two words) which is frustrating every time.

All you really need to do is go into your iOS settings for your iPad 2 and then go to General settings.  Then turn off auto-correction, auto-capitalization and you will be able to more easily enter data into online form fields without the auto-correct making it a hassle.

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This being said though, now you will have a hard time writing in any word processing app as your first letter of sentences and first word after a period won’t auto-capitalize without restoring this setting.  I also did miss some of the auto-corrections that would assist with typing fast on a touch screen where my fingers didn’t always line up with the keys properly.

I was wishing you had the ability to enable or disable auto-complete on an application by application basis, or if there was the ability to remember and save data for form fields so you didn’t have to re-enter them.

Either way, reading websites and blogs on an iPad 2 is great and simple, but try commenting on them and it is just plain frustrating compared to a PC.

If anyone knows a way to disable auto-correction in just Safari for the iPad 2 iOS, I would love to hear from you.

-Dragon Blogger

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