Comments Sometimes Flagged as Spam

I have noticed that occasionally Akismet plugin for WordPress will mark someones comments as spam and send their comment straight into my spam bucket instead of holding a comment for moderation or auto approving it if a user has previously been accepted. I get about 40-50 SPAM comments per hour on and I can’t sift through pages and pages of SPAM comments on a daily basis trying to weed out which ones are and aren’t spam. I generally check my SPAM folder every other day and try to weed out and approve comments that were inadvertently marked as SPAM, if any of my readers notice a comment not published please let me know.

I don’t ever reject a legitimate comment on my blog, and I don’t delete comments. If you suspect your comment was spammed, hit me up on twitter @dragonblogger, or via the contact form on my blog and let me know to dig for it and mark it as “not-spam” and approve.

I have had a few people let me know their comments were marked as spam, and after approving their comments about six or seven times Akismet no longer marks their comment as spam, so it is an adaptive system and appears to train by your actions to comments very well.

-Dragon Blogger

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