Contentmart Full Review – Everything You Need To Know!

Ever tried Contentmart for hiring writers for your blog or professional website?

If not, then you should do it right away. I found this website perfect for hiring writers after giving it several tries for my own requirements. There are many things which make this Content marketplace different from other freelancing spaces. So, here is a complete Contentmart Review, which is the result of my in-depth weeklong analysis of the portal.

What is Contentmart?

Contentmart is a unique, never-before-seen concept that promises the finest and high-quality content to the Content buyers from all over the world. These content writing services offer descriptions, blogs, articles, website content, editing and proofreading, Contentmart has something for everybody and has taken the freelancing world by a storm with its user-friendly website and easy-to-earn criteria of forming a bridge between the content creators and the buyers.

This is one freelancing website that is constantly reinventing itself and redefining its parameters to better accommodate Content creators and web content copywriters all over the globe. Moreover, it was originally designed keeping in mind the freelancer content creators in India and has now opened new doors of opportunities for people who want to work from home and have an innate skill and passion in penning down a few words skillfully.

The best thing about Contentmart is that even a newbie can establish him/her pretty quickly on this platform and earn a name through sheer hard work. You don’t have to make a million promises to the clients, all you need to do is to project yourself the way you are and satisfy the needs of the varying content buyers from different parts of the world to the fullest.

How Contentmart Portal Works?

The thing which I liked the most about Contentmart is its reliability and simplicity. For anyone, be it a Content creator or a producer (content), the process of establishing oneself on this portal is pretty simple.

How does it work for Copywriters?

The Content creators need to register themselves to the portal to begin their journey. Just fill in the very basic details like bio, expertise, complete the profile by uploading your contact details, display picture, address, billing details and the portfolios to register your existence here with a bang. The Content creators have to go through some Language tests to prove the level of experience, which ultimately adds more authenticity to the portal.

How does it work for the Content Buyers?

The content buyers only need to register themselves to the website and fill their respective Contentmart wallets (believe me; they’ll amaze you with their regular discounts for sure) to start. You can simply post the projects and hire content creators of your choice. The buyers in no time would start receiving bids for their orders after which they can communicate with content creators through initializing chats. There is another automated path which analyzes the quality level required by the buyer and chooses the best creator with the matching skills.

Advantages of Using Contentmart

Again, the purpose of Contentmart is serving the buyers and the content creators very carefully. With such split causes, it is not possible to write the advantages combined. So, check the upcoming sections according to your intent of working with the portal.

Benefits for the Content Buyers:

The buyer has the right to assign their tasks to any content creator of their choice, from the bids received. The buyer can easily select the best content creator according to the rating as well as the price range shared by the latter while bidding.

The deadlines, maintain the timelines, while the pricing system is fair for both the dealing parties. You need not pay a single buck to register to the portal, communicate with people or for posting any order. However, you need to lock the price of your order while hiring any content creator. If a creator’s work does not match the quality you wanted, you can simply reassign it to make corrections to the content or can even decline the order in odd cases and you’ll get back your locked money.

Benefits for the Content Creators

Contentmart is a perfect marketplace where the content creators can earn a decent amount of money by using their extraordinary writing skills. There is always a healthy competition between all the creators, registered on the platform.

Pricing system has a perfect lower bound set, for all the projects, thereby helping creators get the fair share of their work. Weekly payments are enabled so that writers can conveniently take out the money whenever needed. There are amazing projects which keep the content creator’s interests engaged in writing.

Classification and ranking system always motivate the content creators to work harder and make progress in their status which is mandatory to grow.

While working on the portal, you can maintain a perfect flow of work and client stream, which is otherwise too tough to get. Content is the requirement of every agency or organization, dealing in the online space and the content creators have a great chance to grow with Contentmart with its increasing client base.

Contentmart is, without a shadow of the doubt, one of the most popular and productive freelancing platforms out there if you are looking for good content and efficient content creators for long-term projects.

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Tom Parillo

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