A Controller Skin That Will Survive Every One of Your Rage Quits

As much as you love Skyrim, you also kind of hate it. After dying at the hands of the Dragon Priest for the 10th time, it can be hard to keep clamp down on your frustration. Before you know it, you’ve become the sort of player you said you’d never be: the person who rage quits. Unfortunately, turning the machine off in a huff isn’t the only way you release your fury. Let’s be honest — sometimes your controller goes flying after a particularly difficult campaign.

If you and your controller part ways all too often, then you need to start thinking of ways you can protect your PlayStation. Though it’s managed to survive your rage quits up until now, it won’t always endure the strain. Eventually, the controller or the PS4 itself might lose serious hit points. When you’re ready to protect your system from the hardest battles, invest in a vinyl skin.

Vinyl might be a new concept to you. You’ve probably heard of plastic cases to defend against controller damage, but it only manages to lock your controller into a bulky prison that makes it fit awkwardly in your hands. Vinyl, on the other hand, when processed by the engineers at dbrand, is an ultra-thin addition to your controller and the rest of the system. Their precise way of designing their decals means dbrand’s PS4 skins add only 0.23 millimeters to the entire console. It keeps the PS4’s original dimensions, so you’ll still be able to button mash and twirl toggles with the best of them. It also means no important ports, fans, or sensors are ever blocked when a skin is protecting your PlayStation.

Its vinyl creates the ultimate barrier between the system and the consequences of your rage. Though thin, it’s strong enough to keep your system free of scratches, dents, and scrapes. It’s also an impermeable material that saves your controller and console from spilled drinks you may knock over during an intense battle. Liquids naturally bead up against a PS4 skin until you can absorb it with a thick cloth. Its surface is also texturized to enhance your grip against its controller.

Some of you reading this may appreciate the idea of a more defended system with better grip but worry about its looks. Vinyl in its raw state, after all, isn’t anything to write home about. Luckily, it’s also a highly flexible material. Think of vinyl flooring that can look like real wood or stone tiling. PS4 skins can undergo the same customization and take on the look of anything from zebra wood to concrete to orange carbon fiber.

You may occasionally hate the game (and regret the side quests you take on) but with a decal wrapped around your system, you’ll always be able to return to your campaign and remind yourself why you started playing it in the beginning. Whether your system is at full hearts or down to just one, create a skin as unique as your game play to protect your PlayStation.

Tom Parillo

Tom Parillo

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