Piece by Piece


As I showed you before, here are all the parts.

Let’s check each and every piece, but how do you know what comes inside?

We have to take a look at the manual,… I know, we can’t build it yet but the manual shows you all the pieces it brings.

Here we go, here we can see all the pieces it brings.  Let’s start with the screws.

You can find the screws in this bag, let’s open it up and make sure they are all there using the legend in the manual.

#1: 4 x Socket cap Allen wrench screws, Check.

#2: 12 x locking washers, check.  Wait a minute…. There’s 13 here.  It’s always better to have an extra than to be missing one, so that’s a bonus.

#3: 2 x Round Washer Phillips head screws.

#4: 2 x Screw caps

#5: 8 x Sparrow screws

And don’t worry, you don’t need to have any tools for this, Cougar includes this dual-purpose tool.  As you can see from the picture, one end is a Philips head bit.

While the other end is an Allen wrench, so they got you covered there.

That’s about it for the bits and the tools, now let’s get to the individual pieces of the chair.

A: Backrest.

B: The Seat

C/D: Left and Right Screw/Brace covers.

E/F: 3D Adjustable Left and Right Armrests

G: Tilt Mechanism and Piston Lift Height Adjustment.

H: Iron Shell Piston Lift Cylinder

I: Telescoping Lift Cylinder Dust Cover Shroud

J: Reinforced based

K: Polyurethane Caster’s

L: Lumbar Pillow

M: Head Pillow

Alright, this is everything that comes inside the box.  Looks like nice stuff, but right now it’s just a Lego kit that hasn’t been assembled, no fun but filled with promise and when you build it… the skies the limit.  OK, I am excited, let’s get to the building process and I will walk you through it step by step.

Iggy Castillo

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