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As I just showed you, here is the Cougar Armor Gaming Chair.

This chair has some nice features of which we are going to over right now.  First off, the seat, back and pillows are made of Breathable PVC leather but don’t freak out, no animals were harmed in the making of this review.

PVC leather is not made out of animal hide, it’s a synthetic leather made out of polyvinyl chloride which means it is animal cruelty free, very durable, easily cleaned and is fade and stain resistant.  When PVC leather first came out it was known to be very sticky and non-breathable which meant it made you sweat and this would mean it would be incredibly uncomfortable for anyone to sit on if maybe you were wearing shorts or something, but Cougar’s got you covered.

The faux leather is made with tiny pores as seen above that allows this material to breath so it feels great after sitting on it for hours.  Also, unlike many other chairs, the foam on this chair that pads it is not overly plushy which means it will keep its shape for a long time and still allows it to be comfortable.

Adding to the comfort, Cougar provides a lumbar pillow to help keep your back comfortably curved supporting your lower back.

It also comes with a pillow for your head or neck.

The head and lumbar pillows are fitted with these straps cleverly held in place by the groves and contours in the chair kept in place with the snap on straps.

Aside from the PVC leather and foam, the groves add to the comfort of the chair keeping you in place embracing your body with its ergonomic design…

Notice how the sides of the chair are raised up keeping you in place, along with the back of the chair.

Also, because of the straps not being attached to a notch on the chair are easily adjustable and can be removed as well.

The inside of the chair is made durable with a full steel frame.

Coming down a bit on the chair, we find the 3D arm rest, here’s what makes it a 3D arm rest.

This button allows you to slide the arm rest forward and backward.

This button allows you to slide the arm rest left or right.

No button for this one, but you can rotate the arm rest.

And no chair would be complete with a way to lift or lower the arm rest.  Just pull up on this notch and pull the arm rest up or down.

So, there’s your 3D, should be called 4D right?

The lever here allows you to recline the seat 180° and while it did hold me at that 180° recline as you saw in the build video I was a bit scared that it would flip over on me but it did not.

Also, since we are on the subject, aside from the recline, you can also tilt the chair and also control the level of tension at which the chair reclines.

Under the chair, you can turn this nob to adjust the tension at which the chair tilts back and forward at.

Back to the reclining and tilting part, I highly recommend you lock the tilt in place before reclining.  To lock it, push the bar in towards the chair and to unlock or free it, pull it outwards.  This tab also acts to allow you to raise or lower the lift cylinder for height adjustment.

Here’s a look at the underside of the chair so that you can see the bar, knob and cylinder height adjustment.

The base is nothing special but let’s take a closer look at the casters.

The casters kind of look like low profile racing wheels, pretty nice.

The back of the chair, aside from the grooves and curves I mentioned before, we can see the Cougar embroidery.

Also, on each side of the seat, we find zippers though the handle is not on it so that you won’t be opening and closing it.  The zipper does also help in the cost being that the stitching would cost more to be all around the chair and cost more to assemble.

On the headrest, without the pillow we find some more Cougar embroidery.

Both of the pillows are also embroidered with the Cougar logo.

Alright, so that it about it for the review, now let’s get to the final part my Final Thoughts and Conclusion and see if you agree with me.

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